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Candid Pictures 1920's

1920 Candids
(in treatment)
1921 Candids

Stockholm/Sweden 1921

Greta with 16.

 A  Fashion model for the PUB.


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1922 Candids
(in treatment)
1923 Candids

Stockholm/Sweden, 1923

Greta in a restaurant or in a train.


Stockholm/Sweden, 1923

Greta, her sister and her mother

1924 Candids

Berlin/Germany, August 1924

Garbo, Stiller and Gerda Lundeqvist

On August 16, Stiller, Garbo and Gerda Lundeqvist travelled to Berlin fo the premiere of Gösta Berling Saga. The journey took two days and for Greta it was the first time abroad.

The Germans welcomed the Swedish stars warmly. Stiller, Greta and Gerda stayed in Berlin's Hotel Adlon. Officials from Trianon arranged a tour of the city and showed them the modern studio facilities in Berlin.

1925 Candids

New York/USA, July 5th, 1925

Garbo and Stiller's arrival in New York

July 5, The ship arrived in New York. They went from the ship and were surprised that no one was there to welcome them. Only one reporter was there. Hubert Voight, a publicist who was assigned to meet them. He also brought along photographer James Sileo.

Voight notified all of the daily papers of Stiller's and Garbo's arrival. But no one seemed to care. Stiller and Garbo than went to the Hotel Commodore. On the way there, Greta was so impressed when she saw the big buildings. It was a very hot summer in New York.  Greta took many cold baths in her hotel room.


Reporter Hubert Voight became her guide to New York City. Kaj Gynt was their interpreter who went along with them. Her first wish was to go to Coney Island and find “the most exciting and horrible roller coaster.”


Los Angeles/USA, September 1925

Stiller and Garbo arrived in Los Angeles

Stiller and Garbo arrived in Los Angeles on September 10, 1925. When they alighted from the train, many Scandinavian friends welcomed the couple.

The brought bouquets of flowers along with the speeches and hugs. She told journalists she was happy to be there and complimented the American people on their high spirits. Stiller and Garbo lived in a suite at the Biltmore Hotel.

Soon after, Garbo and Stiller were brought to Louis B. Mayer's office. They also were introduced to Irving Thalberg and his partners.


Los Angeles/USA, October 1925

Garbo, Stiller and Swedish friends

1926 Candids

Los Angeles/USA, 1926

On September 30, 1926, Greta Garbo attended the premiere of the King Vidor film Bardelys the Magnificent with (from left) Howard Strickling, Norma Shearer, Irving Thalberg, and John Gilbert.

1927 Candids

Los Angeles/USA, 1927

Publicity Photo


Los Angeles/USA, April 1927

Garbo and Lillian Gish

On April 21, 1927, Garbo was photographed for the first time in six months. She had just returned to MGM to star in Anna Karenina, and was visiting silent actress Lillian Gish on the set of Victor Seastrom's The Wind.


“I heard one day that she had lost her only sister,” wrote Gish, “and I sent her flowers and a note. Garbo [later] came to thank me, but she could not speak English. Tears came to her eyes, but I could not speak Swedish so I put my arms around her and we both cried. I knew how I would feel if I had lost my darling sister and could not get to her from a strange, far land.”

The photo was used and made for publicity reasons.


Los Angeles/USA, 1927

Garbo and Gilbert


1928 Candids

Sweden, December 1928

Greta and Mimi Pollak


Greta and her mother Anna Lovisa



Sweden, December 1928



Sweden, Winter 1928

Garbo, a Rolls Royce Phantom I model and her Swedish friend Mimi Pollak


Thanks to SnowWhite

Stockholm/Sweden, December 1928

Garbo gets sketched

1929 Candids

Sweden, Spring 1929

Garbo leaving Sweden and returning to USA.


USA, Spring 1929

Garbo comes back to America after she spent some months in Sweden.

Undated Candids

Undated Candids


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