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Garbo Fan Art by Jean-Charles


Hi, i'm Jean-Charles. I am a 50 years old Garbo Fan from Belgium. My passion for Greta started by looking at the Queen Christina when I was a teenageer.

I like her because she is a singular person, unrivalled, mysterious... She is fire under the ice. Hers plays of actress is marvellous, she is for me the most beautiful woman whom the world knew.

She is the sun which illuminates you for ever. She is my passion but since advent of internet which enables us to communicate throughout the World, I dedicate her my modest blog.

I like all these films from these small advertising films to Two-Faced Woman. I am proud and happy to form part of the Garbo family of Garboforever. My hobby is to realize slideshows with the most beautiful photographs of Greta and some caricatures in all modesty. I hope that you will like them.

Thank you all the Greta's fans. Mauritz Stiller said: "A face like that of Greta Garbo, there been existed only one per century." For me, I would said: one for always.

Please visit Jean-Charles Garbo Blog. Click HERE!


Garbo colorized



Garbo Caricature Art by Jean -Charles

"I like to smoke!"

"I'm not guilty! I'm Mata Hari!"

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