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More Garbo Art - Part I

Colorizations by Alberto D'Arce

Copyright by D'Arce. Please check out his section at DVDBeaver. Go  HERE!


Garbo Caricature by Pedro Larroza (2000s)


Swedish Garbo Profil Art (1971)

Made by unknown artist



Garbo bookplate designed in 1939 by A. Herry


Greta Garbo, optical illusion illustration by Keye Luke

An illustration by Japanese artist, Keye Luke, the idea is to look at the image and then stare at a white wall, where the image should appear.


Garbo bust by Rune Sahlstöm (1999/2000)

This bust was made by Rune Sahlstöm , in 1999/2000.


The artist wanted the bust to be in Stockholm but they didn't like it and said it was too "ugly". So some time later the bust went to Denmark.


Thanks to Vi.


Garbo by painter Pepe Gonzalez (1979)



Sergio Vacchi remembers Greta Garbo

Sergio Vacchi is an Italian painter who was inspired by Greta. In 2004 there was an exhibition of his works in Cesena, (not far from Rimini, in Emilia-Romagna Region).


The "Palazzo del Capitano"

Cesena's mayor and Vacchi (right)

                Sergio Vacchi remembers Greta Garbo
Unique exhibition by Italian artist in Cesena features over 100 works on celebrities
By Patrizia PerilliMar.

Greta Garbo is the subject of an exhibition titled 'Greta Garbo e Sergio Vacchi nel Palazzo del Ridotto di Cesena'. The Swedish actress charmed the world of cinema, to the point of being granted the appellation of 'divine'. She disliked mundanity, and managed to protect her privacy. Her reservations created a halo of mystery around her, and together with her timeless beauty turned her into a legend. Some 100 works by Sergio Vacchi, born in 1925, track this artist's career, from his debut in 1948 to his most recent paintings. Several of his newest creations will be seen for the first time.

Greta Garbo is the pivotal point of this artistic life. Not a mere icon of beauty, but a real presence, fascinating and enigmatic, leading the observer's gaze to a different dimension of reality, with the help of the painter. Vacchi himself revealed the nature of his relation with the unforgettable protagonist of Ninotchka.

"Greta Garbo was not only a great actress, a diva with a magnetic charm. I sense something greater and undefinable in her. I believe she was a genius of the 20th century, and her genius mainly expressed itself when she retired from the scenes: with her dark glasses, her manly pants, her disguises, Greta Garbo did not disguise herself but the whole century. Garbo had become a symbol of the cinema universe, entirely based on appearances.

This is a universe where one exists as long as one stays under the spotlight. Yet, at 36, she chose to stop exposing herself, and her gaze changed perspective. She then stopped looking and started seeing. She acquired a previously unknown depth. What she saw, however, remained unexpressed, because Garbo realized that she couldn't communicate, or at least that she couldn't be understood by the American world.

This exhibition is, for Sergio Vacchi, a sort of homecoming. Not only for reasons of provenance (Vacchi was born in Castenaso di Bologna), but especially for professional and emotional reasons. In the late 60s and early 70s, with three exhibitions at the "Il Portico" gallery, the artist had already developed a fervent dialogue with the Cesena art scene, with effects that lasted to these days, as testified by his deep friendships with several admirers of his art who reside in that town".


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Thanks to RubyRed and Nakis

Garbo's room by Jeremiah Goodman (1990)

Jeremiah Goodman is considered to be one of the finest illustrators of interiors. Known for his watercolors and gouaches, Goodman made a name for himself with his interior renderings for decorators, celebrities, and Lord & Taylor.

Goodman has painted the rooms of Billy Baldwin, Michael Taylor, Diana Vreeland, and Greta Garbo.

Thanks to SnowWhite


Garbo by Andy Warhol (1981)

This fantastic 60cm x 85cm colour offset exhibition poster produced for a Warhol show at Kestner Gesellschaft, Hannover Germany between October & December 1981.

An autographed poster by Warhol in black felt pen underneath the iconic image of Greta is estimated 1,545.00 USA $.

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Garbo drawing by Rene Gruau (1950)

This is a famous Garbo drawing ink on paper by French artist Rene Gruau (1909-2004).

The drawing is called Greta Garbo en reine Christine was made around 1950 and was sold for estimated 12,000 - 18,000 USA $ at auction house Christie's in 2007.


Portraits by C. J. Bauer



Portraits by Braff



Portraits by Rosa Michielini



Portraits by Einar Nerman


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