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Everybody who admires Greta Garbo in her movies will be definitely impressed by the extraordinary gowns she was wearing. The biggest artists created unique costumes and MGM had the best designers on board who made compositions of gowns which were like paintings.

The divine gowns:
Those unicats became real art items after the movies were finished. MGM could demand and expect incredibly high amounts of money when those costumes were sold, preferably to other celebrities or cinema addicts. And it was Greta Garbo's name which gave additional power making a divine gown out of a costume. It's no wonder that museums of art showed interest to exhibit those diamonds of couture for the public.

Auctions all over the world received immense attention if an original Garbo gown could be offered. This section gives you some information about the world of Garbo's gowns. They have been unique. As Garbo herself.

Where are the costumes now?
In June 1970, MGM had a now legendary auction. They sold most of their Star Wardrope and lady Costumes. Many of Garbo's costumes are in private museums or collections now. It is hard to find out where they exactly are and what costumes still exists.

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