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Garbo Story by Marcello Mastroianni

Mastroianni remembers Garbo

I was in New York after the great success of the Dolce Vita by Fellini and I was in the company of Guidarino Guidi who was my interpreter. An antique dealer called at my hotel and told me that Greta Garbo wanted to meet me.

The encounter had to be as casual as possible and I had not to ask her questions. I had to pretend that Garbo was not Garbo.

I must say that I was not particulary intrigued, I was not fascinated by Garbo. I thought she had the menacing beauty of the queen of Snowhite. The actress I liked were Ginger Rogers, Lana Turner, Ava Gardner.

The day he met Garbo!

The appointment was fixed at tea-time in the shop of this dealer. We were punctual, on time. We went on the second floor and there were three women: one of them was Garbo.

She wore a skirt and a pullover, very casual. She was still very beautiful but I was quite cold. I told her one of the very few words I knew in english: "How do you do?" And she looked at my shoes and asked If they were italian.

They were english but I replied: "Yes". One of the ladies, who could not stop staring at Garbo, ravished, said: "I have recently seen you in 'Camille'. How beautiful you were!"

It was like an unforgivable offence. Greta got up and without saying a word, left the shop.

Garbo wanted to apologize!

Some time later I was in the 'Actor' s studio' when I was called to the phone. It was Garbo, but I could not understand what she was saying. I gave the handset to Guidi.

Greta wanted to apologize. She said: "I went away 'because I can't stand stupid women". That's all. I have never seen her anymore and I must say that now I am sorry about this."

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