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Maria Callas and Garbo

Maria Callas (1923 1977) was an American-born Greek operatic soprano during and in the post-World War II period. Her remarkable musical and dramatic talents led to her being hailed La Divina.

Garbo and Callas met several times between the end of the 1950s and 1960s (and possibly later) at the yacht Christina of shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.

It was during the love affair of Onassis and Callas and since Garbo was a friend of Onassis they met often. The two women got on extremely well. During a 1969 TV special in France , Callas mentioned that she met Garbo quite often.

She was talking about her upcoming film Medea which was to be directed by Pasolini. Luchino Visconti , who also was attended at this show, was sceptical and said that he did not think that Pasolini was the right director fro a great tragedienne like Callas.

Callas said that the first time she became really fascinated with cinema was when she watched Garbo in Camille. She also mentioned Garbo and Lawrence Olivier as the two great actors she admired.

In his book on Garbo - La Dame aux Caméras , French author Jean Lacouture, while discussing Garbo's Camille, also said that Callas has never hidden how indebted she was to Garbo for her own interpretation of La Dame aux Camélias in Verdi's La Traviata .

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