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Garbo's famous feet

Interestingly, the stories about Garbo's shoe size increased in direct proportion to reports of her escalating salary. If her talent was not to be denigrated, her feet were “fair game”.


Those folkloric feet were, in fact, a perfectly median length for a woman of her size: Garbo's shoe size was 7AA, according to no less reliable a source than Salvatore Ferragamo, the well-heeled cobbler who made seventy pairs for her in later years. It is said that like her hands, her feet were slender and sensitive.

Actor David Niven once said: “Garbo's feet were beautifully shaped and long, in correct proportion to her height” testified actor David Niven, a yachting friend of later years who had many occasions for firsthand observation, “but she had an unfortunate habit of encasing them in huge brown loafers that gave the impression that he wore landing craft.”

Garbo's shoe size was 7AA

At a press conference in the mid 30s, Greta gave Reggie Allen “a perfectly enormous number” of baggage tickets. “There were so many bags that I had two officials checking them. One man had opened a case that contained nothing but shoes ...” he recorded, “suddenly I heard him say, ‘Why, this ain't so big!' I turned around and he was holding one of Garbo's shoes in his hand just like Hamlet with the skull in the graveyard scene.”

One rumor is that Garbo's leading man in The Temptress , Antonio Moreno, had accommodated Mauritz Stiller's request to shave his mustache, but he apparently balked when the director asked him to wear larger boots in order to make Garbo's feet appear more petite.

Hollywood made constantly funny jokes about her 'Big Feet'
It is said that Garbo was not amsued about all this.


On the set, Garbo liked to wear carpet slippers for comfort, no matter what the rest of her costume. In her early films, before a take, she would inquire, “Is the feet in?” If so, the slippers would go; if not, they'd stay. ‘Is the feet in?' became a popular and permanent expression around MGM, long after she corrected the verb.

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