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Garbo's Estate
- By Patrick Stutz -


Greta died in April 15, 1990, in New York. Garbo's Sole heiress was her niece Gray Reisfield. The formation of an estate was carried out by the New York law firm of Debevoise and Plimpton. It was under the supervision of Theodore A. Kurz. She made her Testament on 2 March 1984. Everything she owned went to her niece Gray Reisfield (her sole heir) and her family. She left no money to charity or to anyone else.

There was a new round of grumbling about her tightness. Greta's loyal maid and friend Claire Koger was dismissed with $3,500 in severance pay. Her annual Anthony Palermo was especially outraged. Palermo handled her financial affairs. He expressed his disappointment candidly. I worked for her for fourteen years for nothing because I was promised to be in the will.

greta garbo gray reisfield
Gray Reisfield, the heiress

Part of Garbo's estate was sold in an 1990 Sotheby Auction. It was called: The Greta Garbo Collection. An Exhibition of the Collection was held from November 9 to November 13. The preview of the Collection drew more than 7000 people. An Auction was held on November 15, 1990. The event amassed over $19 million.

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