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Signatures, Letters and Contracts - Part I

Garbo's letter to her Lawyer 1933

This is a signed letter from Greta Garbo to her New York lawyer, Joseph Buhler, essentially dumping him for a California lawyer. She tells Buhler that what he has done for her is too complicated for her to understand and that New York is too far away.


The letter reads:

"Dear Mr. Buhler:

I have a great many papers which you have sent me, which I do not understand. Although I am sure that the various arrangements you have made for me are intended for my benefit, they are too complicated for me to comprehend.

I find it very difficult to have a lawyer so far away, and Mr. Bachrack is a gentleman whom I did not know. Undoubtedly he is an excellent lawyer, but I should prefer my own choice.

I have selected Mr. Laurence W. Beilenson, 1124 Title Guarantee Building, Los Angeles, California, to represent me in the future. He has represented some of my friends for some years, and they are greatly pleased with his work.

Please get in touch with him and arrange to inform him of what has been done, as well as turning over the necessary papers.

I am grateful for your past services, but the distance between us is too great, and I see no necessity for having two lawyers.

Sincerely, Greta Garbo"

The letter was sold at For Counsel in early 2000

The 1933 letter came with two certificates of authenticity issued by autograph dealers who have owned the letter in the past. The letter also came with the envelope it was mailed in, clearly postmarked the day after the letter was written.


Garbo's Letter to Gilbert Roland (No exact date known, 1943)

This is a Garbo handwritten 3 page letter to Gilbert Roland dated 1943. Roland was serving in the Army and they were close friends in the early 1940's. She writes in part:

"I will be unable to see you for many reasons. Please forgive me but I can not help it. But I am afraid you will have to leave it to fate. Please don't be sad."

The letter was sold at Christie's in 2004 for $ 956 and was one of the thirteen letters originally sold in December 1995 ( Christie's ) for $ 17,250.

Thanks to Gianni


Signed and framed Garbo Autograph sold at ebay by Meyer & Company



Garbo hand signed note paper 1967


Unknown signed note paper 1


Unknown signed note paper 2


Greta Garbo Bank Signature Card 1926


Garbo's letter to MGM about John Gilbert and Queen Christina


Garbo's tax document signed by her attorney in 1946


Greta Garbo on Ship & Airline Passenger List Copies


Garbo's declaration of Intention in 1940


"Garbo's" Name Petition

On November 9, 1923 Anna Gustafson  signed a petition asking the ministry to allow her daughter to legally change her name to Greta Garbo.

Interestingly, Mona Mårtenson witnessed Greta's signing as well as  her mother's. The petition was formally approved by the Ministry of Justice on December 21, 1923. By that time, Greta Garbo was back at work on Gösta Berlings saga.

More info  HERE!

Garbo's Letter to Gilbert Roland (December 4,1943)


This is from a three sided hand written letter in pencil to actor Gilbert Roland, dated 4th December 1943 on Ritz Tower New York note paper.

Thanks to Isaura


Garbo wrote and signed this letter to MGM


Garbo's Letter to Gilbert Roland (September 15,1943)



Garbo's Letter to Gilbert Roland (October 25,1943)


(in Treatment)


The Most expensice Autograph in the world


A Garbo signed letter, 1969


Garbo's typescript receipt for a 1942 passport.


Garbo's declaration of Intention 1940


An unsigned holiday Greeting
Greta signed with 'Harry Brown'


A Telegram by Garbo
Greta signed it with 'GG'.


A letter from Garbo to Sidney Guilaroff
Guilaroff was MGM's hair dresser.


This authentic signature sold for $17,909.20

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