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Letters Garbo wrote to Gaylord Hauser

“You see I never write..."
Garbo wrote to close friend Hauser



Dr. Benjamin Gayelord Hauser (1895 -1984), popularly known as Gayelord Hauser, was an American nutritionist, self-help author, and promoter of "the natural way of eating" during the mid-20th century. He promoted foods rich in Vitamin B and discouraged consumption of sugar and white flour. Hauser was a best-selling author, popular on the lecture and social circuits, and was nutritional advisor to many celebrities like Greta Garbo.

Most of the letters Garbo wrote to friends like Viertel, De Acosta or Beaton were rather sad but the ones to Gaylord Hauser are full of vitality and very different.

The letters were sold at Christie's in the 90's

An extremely rare archive of 8 autograph letters, with personal photographs, of Greta Garbo to Dr Gaylord Hauser (no place or dates, although accompanying transmittal envelopes indicate, Los Angeles, Fall, 1939) was sold at Christie's in Beverly Hills in the 90's.

A total of 24 pages, with 42 photographs in black and white, of Garbo and nutrition expert Hauser. Dr. Hauser and Garbo were lovers and rumours were they were very nearly married. The letters are wonderful, personal, romantic, intimate, and express a very private side of the screen superstar who guarded her privacy above all else.

Excerpts from the letters

"Sweet Your voice on the phone at first sounded as if you were in love with me (ooohh). Then again it did not. But I am not curious you know. No confessions please. I am struggling alone the best I can. It is more difficult than anyone can imagine. But I pray like mad..."

"Soon I will have to picture you on Broadway 'For Heaven's Sake Hallo' [sic] Then you will forget all about me, and if it will be peace you will sail for Ireland and on the boat you will say ‘ Oh Mama I forgot the girl... I am whimsical today."

"I have been running around like mad when I was not well so I think I have to stay in bed today and be whimsy... I envy you being around no movie people free and fancy. Live well darling. From another letter: "I went home and worked on the mat and suddenly the butterfly you saved went by."

"It must have been the one, because it was the exact color. It made me feel so nice and I thought so tenderly of you. And after that I had a sunbath in the 'cabinet' for the first time. It was wonderful... Sweet darling did you come to visit me or was it a dream."

"I am dreadfully fond of you... And soon I shall go to the lady by the sea and tell her about you.. Bless you tiny one and cut your toenails."

"I am so sorry so that I was not home when you called. Sweet little one -- but it is just as good perhaps. If I talked to you and could not touch you I would perhaps be unhappy... There are so many funny schools of thought..."

"But really no one knows me better my funny ways will appear less funny. Lord this writing is a labour of love. I have such difficulty in spelling. You see I never write and when I read I don't observe the spelling. Or maybe I am a... child who does not like school work."

"Anyway it must be love however you look at it + you look please + I am just as fond of my 'dream' as I was two days ago when labouring over a letter. So nothing has changed. I nurse my dream so that it will stay clear and strong, sweet sweet one. I send you sign gestures."

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