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The Dramaten Advertising


In 1922, Greta left the PUB to film her first feature film Luffar- Petter. Her director Erik Petschler advised Greta to do an audition for a scholarship at the Dramaten School. The Royal Swedish Dramatic Theatre Academy is mostly known as the Dramaten Skola (school). The Skola was one of the worlds finest acting Schools.

In late August of 1922, the day of her audition had come. Some days later a telephone call finally told her the news she wanted to hear. She had been accepted. Greta was so happy and thought she would almost die, after hearing the news. Greta returned to the Academy on September 18, 1922, for registration.

The school started on September, 1922 and soon later some 'group shots'  and 'class shots' with Greta and her colleagues were made. On another occassion other photos (even portraits) were made but their oirgins are unknown. They were probaly used for promotional reasons. It is also not known how many photos were shot and when they were shot.

Some time later, in May 1924, Greta and her student colleague Vera Schmiterlöw made some extra money when they appeared in an advertisment for a new Lancia Lambda automobile. They were paid 75 Kronars.


The 'Dramaten' portraits, 1922/1923



The 'Dramaten' group photos, 1922/1923



The 'Dramaten' group portraits, 1922/1923



Print Ad for the Dramaten, Sweden 1924

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