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Short Interviews and More


Garbo's first interview (Sweden, Jan/Feb 1924)

In early 1924, while filming Gösta Berling Saga in Stockholm, Greta gave an interview to Inga Gaate,  for the Swedish magazine Filmjournalen.

Greta confessed that the work had been terrifically difficult. “It has been a Gethsemane,” she declared. But she was grateful to her director for being exceedingly patient with her. “Stiller is the most generous person in the world,” s he said. “You never get angry or sad no matter how much he bawls you out. He creates people and shapes them according to his will.”

According to Vera Schmiterlöw, after reading this interview, Stiller forbade his protégé to given any more interviews during production – or indeed any at all xclusive of his attendance.


German Interviews (Germany, August ca. 15 - 19, 1924)

Garbo and Stiller arrived on August 15, 1924, in Berlin/Germany for the Gösta Berling Saga premiere.

Promotional Photos were made (outside and in a studio). GG even had to go to editorial teams, to talk about the past and future on international films. 

GG and Stiller in Berlin

In 1932 Arno Rosenthal (Publisher of the German magazine 'Kinematograph') talked about it.  He said that 'they' (Trianon) dragged her from one Editor to another and that she talked tp them for  two hours.

Source: P. Vondernau - Bilder vom Norden (2007)


Garbo's 15 minutes interview on Harby (Sweden 1938)

15 Minutes

- and not bone single minute more - lasted the interview, Garbo gave Gnesta, a Swedish journalist. The interview was on her Swedish estate Harby were Greta often spend christmas holidays. She bought the property for her mother in 1936.

She told the journalist that she did not have any intention to play the leading role in Joan of Arc. Garbo said that she is rather interrested to play more cheerful film materials and there upon is looking out for such different material.

She also denies the rumor that it she would would like to make a film for an English studio in a historical film. Such an intention is not present, particularly since cos she will already return in January 1939 to Hollywood.

But she sais that there is some truth in the rumor that she would like to appear in an English stage production. The question, if she already decided for a more cheerful film material she let unanswered: it is too early to speak about it.


Garbo's shortest interview (France mid 1950s)

Her last interview appears to have been with the celebrated entertainment writer Paul Callan of the London Daily Mail during the Cannes Film Festival.

Meeting at the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc. Callan began "I wonder...", before Garbo cut in with "Why wonder?", and stalked off, making it one of the shortest interviews ever published. The newspaper gave it a double page spread.


Short Interview, Dec. 16, 1951

A News Magazine wrote in 1951:

Wearing dark glasses she slipped on at approach of photographers, Garbo held collar of coat to her face as she leaves plane at International Airport here yesterday after flight from Paris/France.

GG, Paris/France, 1951

She told newsmen that she had nothing to say and to "please leave me alone, I'm not in pictures anymore." The headline was: GARBO STILL WANTS TO BE ALONE

Source: News Magazine 1951

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