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Garbo's Interviews


Garbo hardly gave any interviews. It is said that she only gave around 14 Interviews in her entire life. Only 11 of them are confirmed. The most famous interview was for the American “Photoplay” Magazine, released in April, 1928.

Those were all, aside from an occasional comment pried or bullied out of her on the run. Garbo never willingly spoke to the press after 1938.

Documented Interviews and Conversations
Garbo's first American Interview 1925
'Photoplay' Interview 1927
'Picture Show' Interview 1927
'Lektyr' Interview 1931
Shipboard Press Conference 1932
Shipboard Press Conference 1935
Shipboard Press Conference 1936
Garbo und Stokowski  Press Conference 1938
Shipboard Press Conference 1938
Shipboard Press Conference 1946
Short Interviews and More


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