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Shipboard Press Conference 1946

On 6 July 1946, boarded the Gripsholm for her first postwar visit to Sweden. An army of reporters awaited her at the dock with questions, and one or two of them even got an answer. Asked if she was planning to affiliate with a newly organized Swedish film corporation, she replied: ‘Oo-la-la, no, nothing like that.’

Greta also agreed to pose for a few photos, even managing a smile. “I had to get up very early this morning,” she stated, adding that she was going to Sweden “just to take it easy.” In an original Swedish 1946 article we could translate that she said that she would like to stay in Sweden. Maybe even forever but she was not sure about this. Greta also said that she did NOT lost her interest in acting or making movies but that she needs an extended break.

This could also be her only ‘radio’ appearance. This short interview was recorded and aired on Swedish radio too.

Transcription of the Audio recording
A rough audio recording of Garbo speaking in Swedish to reporters was found in late 2013. This was recorded for Swedish Radio. Our Danish friend Henning Sebastian Jahre translated this for GarboForever on August 10, 2014.

Please note that every time Garbo utters something; Henning wrote GG in the front---- otherwise there are reporters talking and asking....! Please also understand that even Henning could not everything understand/comprehend or could be misinterpreted.

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Intro - THE REPORTER (Voice over)
She (GG) has just entered the Library on the Gripsholm and how am I gonna describe her? She wears a Garbo hat in in a big white coat. ‘Ajajajaj’ was the first thing she said as a lamp exploded....

Now she has passed the photographers and are about to sit down on a huge chair at the end of the room. There are a lot of journalists and photographers here - I`m guessing approx 60 - 70 People...

It must be an unlikely situation for her - to sit alone like being on a parade - eye to eye with a hord of reporters and a crowd in general and a flaming sea of lightbulbs (photographing her).

Greta Garbo has stated today that she has never talked into a radio microphone and never ever will do so, neither in America or Sweden. And that’s a decision we can`t do anything about--- I am not allowed to get even near her with my microphone - at the reception, she shook her head and I guess I have to respect that since she even didn`t want to say ‘No’ to the microphone...

And therefore I have placed myself in the back of a corner here, and I`ll try to listen and tell you what happens....

The interview has been going on for some time - at first the photographers had their time - and they carried on for quite a while - I can`t imagine how many 100s of snaps they took, but she posed quite willing to it all.

Well the interviews.... I can`t say that she is giving much, the questions are rather trivial and Miss Garbo has a rather quick way to distance herself from them/cut them short.

I apologize that I am not able to have her talk, but if I`m shutting up for a moment we will at least hear how the mood is in the room of Gripsholm.......

Reporter: Is this the Miss Garbo’s 5th time coming home?

GG: 5th??? Aaaaaa….. it seems like that---- I travel to and from.... I like that....

Reporter: Now there are questions about an upcoming film or for a Swedish film studio... She is evasive..... she is positive but GG

GG: I have already answered that---

Reporter: Have you lost your will to film then?

GG: (hesitating)... Nooooo..... One walks lonely.... and.....(Now she seems to wander off)

Reporter: Are there offers that are appealing?

GG: (hesitating)... Noooo......

Reporter: (Question could not be understood)

GG: (smiling) Oh are you Norwegian???

Reporter: No Danish! (Now they say something about Swedes and they all laugh - you can really hear her laughter)

Danish Reporter: Is it a question about a new script?

GG: Oh it`s everything, if the question is, if there is something in the works....

Third Reporter:  Last time, Miss Garbo mentioned that she wanted to do Walewska and this time....

GG: (she stops him) Oh that was a loooooong time ago.... Actually I have absolutely nothing planned at all..

Reporter: NOTHING???

GG: (resigns) Noooothing..... That was that?!

Third Reporter: We were talking about that when you left from New York and of what was telegraphed - and it went worldwide - and
                             among other things you said like ‘I`m to tired....’ (People laughs)

GG: (laughs and is evasive) It is cozy and hot over there hehe... cooooozy....

Third Reporter: So you are not tired?

GG: (in a mock voice) Oh yes – OH, I spent the whole night walking... running upstairs...

Third Reporter: So you enjoy the travels with the Gripsholm? Are they relaxing for you?

GG: (hesitates) Jaa,,,,,(yes)....

Third Reporter:  Are the Americans more nosey?

GG: Nosey??? Naw... in English; ‘More or less the same’....

Third Reporter: Can I ask Miss Garbo before she leaves... where you will go in the near future, when you leave the boat, the days
                              that are coming, the next weeks.....

GG: (mumbles) Yeah I would like to know.....everything. The reporters come up With suggestions where she might go.....

Reporter: Have you met (Ingrid) Bergman?

GG: For a moment only----

Reporter: Seen her films?

GG: (we think she says a quick) YES---- (and then)  ‘No er det nog hva?’ (which means:  Now it is enough ok?)

Copyright by Henning Sebastian Jahre. All Rights Reserved GarboForever & Henning Sebastian Jahre

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