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Gray Reisfield
(Garbo's Niece and sole heiress)

Original Name
Ann Marguerite Gustafson ( Nicknamed 'Gray')

Gray in New York, 1986
greta garbo gray reisfield

Date of Birth

Gray in 2003

Place of Birth

Gray and Greta, 1988 in New York

Married to Donald Reisfield

Gray Reisfield 1999
Attending Garbo's Funeral in Stockholm.


 Her father was Sven Gustfason, Garbo's brother.

 Gray She changed her name herself to 'Gray' when she was a teenager and living in New Mexico.

 Gray's father, Sven and his family came to California/USA in late 1939.
     Shortly after, they moved to Santa Fe in New Mexico.

Gray Reisfield with 4 years old

 After Gray's marriage with Dr. Donald Reisfield, she moved to New Jersey/USA.

 She is the sole designated heiress to Garbo's estate.

 Her mother was Marguerite "Peggy" Baltzer.

Gray and her grandmother, Anna Lovisa

 Few of Garbo's friends knew anything about her family in America, fewer still believed there to be a significant
     relationship between Greta and the Gustafsons: Sven's widow, Peg, and daughter, Gray.

 After George Schlee died, Greta turned to her niece for help in maintaining her business affairs. But Gray had
     a young family to look after

 On March of 1976, Gray and Greta went on a "secret" vacation to  Galley Bay Surf Club on the Caribbean island
     of Antigua.

Gray and her father Sven, 1943

 It is said that, in later years, Gray visited Garbo once a month to pay her bills.

 It is said that, starting in the late 1960s, they took a winter vacation every year.

 While in school, many classmates of Gray's had no clue about her famous lineage until years later; neither did
     she parlay this association to gain advantage while at college.

 When Garbo was in  Klosters (August, 1988)  she  suffered a mild heart attack.  A local  doctor attended  Garbo
     until Gray Reisfield arrived with her personal physician to bring her back to the States.

 In the very late 1980s, Greta drew her immediate family closer to her.

 In 1989, Gray moved into her aunt's apartment in order to help take care of her.

Gray Reisfield's 2005 Interview
gray reisfield greta garbo

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