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Lian G. Reisfield
(Garbo's Grandniece)

Original Name
Lian Gray Reisfield

Lian Gray in 2000

Married Name
Lian Gray Horan

Married to Richard Horan

Gray 1999
Lian Gray attending Garbo's Funeral in 1999.
gray goran greta garbo        

Date of Birth
(in Treatment)

Gray 2005

Place of Birth

Lian Gray's husband
He attended Garbo's Funeral in 1999.

Two child's. Both are boys!
We are not sure. The second boy we saw could also be to son of her brother Craig.

Lian Gray's son's

Book Editor


 In 1990 she wrote an article for the SothebyAuction/Exhibition book.

 She talked again about Greta New York Apartment in 2005.

 Mostly known as Gray Horan.

 Gray Horan, the great-niece of Greta Garbo talked about some of Garbo letters on Monday, April 17, 2000,
     at the  Rosenbach  Museum  in  Philadelphia.  The collection of letters,  written by the reclusive actress to
     Mercedes deAcosta, chronicling their 20-year friendship, were unsealed.

In Garbo's later years, she often invited her family, “I tried to explain to my husband that it took her a long time to warm up to the idea of new people,” Gray Horan noted.

“She did extend an invitation for him – after we had dated for seven years and been married for two. I had announced I was pregnant, and she wanted to meet ‘the Papa.' Once he was admitted, he was completely embraced."

Lian Gray Horan's 2005
Lian Gray Horan's 2005 Interview for Architectural Digest
gray goran greta garbo  gray goran greta garbo
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