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Promotional photographs

Coffee Advertisment

This picture of Greta from the Swedish advertising film Our daily Bread (Sweden 1921), was used for a Swedish coffee (Circelkoffee) advertisment photo at an unknown time.


Soap Advertisment

In early 1924, Greta's and Alva's photographs appeared in an Advertisement for YvY Soap. The pictures appeared in a 1924 Film magazine – Filmnyheter (Film News).


It is not clear sure when those pictures exactly were published. YvA, used a Portrait from Garbo in Gösta Berling Saga and an Portrait of Alva. It is possible that Svensk Filmindustri had their hands on this.

Here are the English translations from the adverts:

GRETA GARBO is a woman of real Nordic beauty. Only the best cosmetics, the YvY soap, shall be used, when it comes to protecting a sensitive skin in the cold climate of ours.

Use the YvY-soap daily, and You will be pleased. The YvY soap is the best! The YvY is on sale in the whole country!"

ALVA GARBO is one of Swedish movies' new additions for the season. We will see her in Elis Ellis yet unnamed gustavian film. She is yet an unwritten page as a film actress, but has her sister's charm and beauty.

Female beauty is something that every woman must care for in the most considerate. The best cosmetics is the YvY soap for daily use. Ther YvY soap is the best! The YvY soap is the cheapest! Use the YvY soap and You will be pleased!"


Garbo on VHS Advertisement

Promo Art for the release of Garbo's Video Collection, early 1990s


Garbo Cosmetic Advertisement

Late 1990s

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