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Unsorted and Unknown

Those are pictures we could not sort in our gallerys.
 If anyone knows when those pictures were made or for what film they were made, please let us know.

Mysterious snapshots in ‚A Woman Of Affairs‘, 1928

Very interesting ‘snapshots’ (especially made for this film) can be seen in GG’s 1928 released movie. Her character ‘Diana Merrick Furness‘ travels around the world. Later you can see a reporter viewing certain snapshots from her journeys and you can also see him reading the notes on the back of the photography.

Here are some screencaps we made


Now the Question is….

1. Is the woman really Garbo?
2. Was a ‘Garbo Look-a-like’ used?
3. Is it a photomontage (they put GG’s head on a model in costume)?
4. Or did GG really was wearing these costumes and made such pictures?

In August 2014, Mark A. Vieira (Garbo's A cinematic Legacy) confirmed those pictures as COMPOSITES. Garbo's face on a someone else's body.  The original composites photos may be lost.


Garbo in En Lyckoriddare?

In this Historical drama from 1921 with features Gösta Ekman, Greta and Alva Gustafsson appear as extras in a tavern scene. In a 1950 released magazine, this picture appears and they wrote the the girl in the back (see the picture) is Garbo.

En Lyckoriddare (1921)

More info  HERE!


Unknown portrait, 1925


We do not know who and when exactly these pictures were made.
The left one could be taken during the 'Weingarten' session.

Promotional photographs
Miscellaneous - Introduction  


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