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Private Pictures 1920's

1920 Privates

Sweden, 1920


Sweden, April 18, 1920

The day of her Confirmation


1921 Privates

Sweden, 1921


1922 Privates
(in treatment)
1923 Privates
(in treatment)
1924 Privates
(in treatment)
1925 Privates

Los Angeles/USA, 1925

1926 Privates

Los Angeles/USA, 1926

The  picture was made on front  of William Randolph Hearst's castle in San Simeon.


The people were:

Back row, left to right, partially obscured: King Vidor, Beatrice Lillie, Richard Barthelmess, Eleanor Boardman.

Middle row: Frank Orsatti, E. B. Hatrick, Edmund Goulding, Mrs. Talmadge, Garbo, Nicholas Schenck, unidentified, Harry Rapf, Aileen Pringle, J. Robert Rubin, Norma Shearer.

Front row: Hal Roach, Natalie Talmadge, Eddie Mannix, Constance Talmadge, Buster Keaton, Paul Bern, Irving Thalberg.
John Gilbert reclines in foreground. 

Thanks to David


Los Angeles/USA, 1926



Los Angeles/USA, November or December 1926

Garbo and  her new car: Greta hows off her “little Lincoln” in a napshot she sent home to her family.


Los Angeles/USA, 1926

Publicity Photos



Los Angeles/USA, 1926

1927 Privates

Santa Monica/Los Angeles/USA, 1927

Garbo with Karin Molander (left) and Edith Sjöström (right) in Santa Monica,1927.


1928 Privates

Sweden or USA, December 8, 1928

Garbo on the SS Kungsholm. This was the newest steamship in the Swedish-American fleet. The liner was set to complete its maiden voyage between New York City and Göteborg, weather permitting.

Forecasts of the first snowstorm of the season did not dissuade its impressive list of VIPs from boarding the boat on the morning of December 8, 1928.


Among the sailing Swedish aristocracy were two sons of the Crown Prince, Gustav Adolf and Sigvard; Count and Countess Carl Bernadotte, cousins of King Gustav V; Count and Countess Wachtmeister; and Baron and Baroness von Platen. All had just attended the Long Island wedding of Count Folke Bernadotte to an American woman.


Prince Sigvard was clearly taken with her. On evenings when she didn't eat in her cabin, Greta often dined and danced with the twenty-one-year-old prince.


Sweden or USA, December, 1928

Garbo on the SS Kungsholm ship.



California/USA, 1928

Those pictures are from a, one-minute piece of film – the fragment of a 1928 home movie. It shows her laughing and playing at the home of Conrad Veidt during his daughter Kicki's birthday party, in the company of Dolores del Rio, Camilla Horn and Emil Jannings.


1929 Privates

Råsunda/Sweden, January 1929

Garbo happy to be home, and once again within the gates of Råsunda on a visit to the film city, January 1929.


Undated Privates

Undated Privates



Private Pictures                      1930's


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