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Private Pictures 1930's

1930 Privates

Los Angeles/USA, 1930

Garbo trowing a medicine ball around a outdoor set or at home was a popular recreation in Hollywood. Greta often had to retrieve hers from the garden.


Los Angeles/USA, 1930


California/USA, 1930

Among friends, circa 1930; on the left sipping tea is actress Française Rosay, Salka Viertel is on Greta's immediate right; Wilhelm Sörensen and André Berley are in the background.


Greta and Salka Viertel


Los Angeles, California/USA, 1930

At home in Los Angeles.


1931 Privates
(in treatment)
1932 Privates

Silverlake, Nevada/ USA 1932

Snapshots of a topless Garbo taken by Mercedes de Acosta when the two had a tryst in Silverlake, Nevada.


Many of those pictures are still unreleased

In 2001, the auction house Christie's East in New York sold at auction a unique and extensive archive of mementos relating to Greta Garbo that Mercedes de Acosta saved during the course of their friendship/relationship. Including were 24 (!!!) black&white unpublished pictures of a topless Garbo.




1933 Privates

Sweden or USA, March 26, 1933


Thanks to Mireille


Sweden, 1933

Thanks to Mireille

1934 Privates
(in treatment)
1935 Privates



Tistad/Sweden, 1935


The Wachtmeister manor, Tistad Slott (Tistad castle), outside Nyköping (Sweden),  was Garbo's special refuge for many years. She always stayed in the room behind the topmost window on the far left. The construction of the castle was begun in 1777.


Tistad was a working farm with dairy cows, sheep, and chickens as well as the prize horses Count Wachtmeister trained and exhibited. Favored winter activities included cross-country skiing and ice skating. It was the perfect setting for long country walks.


The reigning movie queen was given one of the best rooms in the house, a guest room on the top floor of the castle with “the most enchanting view” of the estate. On warm days, she would climb from the attic to a skylight and sunbathe on the roof.


More info  HERE!

1936 Privates

Stockholm/Sweden, 1936

Garbo walking the Stockholmer streets with Count & Countess Wachtmeister and Frederik Nycanter.

1937 Privates
(in treatment)
1938 Privates
(in treatment)
1939 Privates

Hollywod/USA, 1939

Garbo and Gaylord Hauser


Hollywod/USA, 1939





Undated Privates

Undated Privates


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