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Private Pictures 1940's

1940 Privates

Nassau/Bahamas, Palm Beach/Florida, Maryland/USA,  February - March 1940

Garbo and Gaylord Hauser


During the first week of February 1940, Garbo spend some time with Gayelord Hauser and  his freind Frey Brown. Their destination was the Hotel Whitehall in Palm Beach. Two weeks later, the threesome flew from Miami to the Bahamian capital of Nassau.


The Garbo/Hauser friendship continued in a very public fashion and soon marriage rumors appeared.



Palm Beach/ USA, 1940

Garbo and Gaylord Hauser


USA, 1940

1941 Privates
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1942 Privates
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1943 Privates
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1944 Privates
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1945 Privates
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1946 Privates

Hotel Plaza in New York/USA, April,1946

Cecil Beaton's first photo-session with Garbo, most of them were made on occasion.


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Stockholm/Sweden, 1946

1947 Privates
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1948 Privates

Los Angeles/USA, March 1948

Garbo invites Beaton to her house in Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills. Beaton took pics of Garbo doing gardening in her house, dressed in boots and short trousers.


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1949 Privates

Rome/Italy, 1949

Undated Privates
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