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Unreleased or Lost Material
- The American Silent Productions -


Stiller and Garbo arrived in Los Angeles on September 10, 1926.

Finally in Hollywood, Thalberg ordered a screen-test. They asked cameraman William Daniels to make some tests of this "Swedish girl" who just had arrived.

He made a few simple close-ups of her. Daniels and Greta didn't enjoy this day. Their discomfort showed in the test. Greta looked nervous and distinctly ill at ease.

Thalberg saw the footage and he began to question Mayer's decision in signing her. Stiller than wanted to make the screen-tests but Mayer refused.

Although the studio would not permit Stiller to do the screen-test, they did allow him to supervise a second screen test.

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After the failure of the first screen-test with Daniels, Garbo and Stiller felt that MGM had lost interest in them.

Legendary film actress Lilian Gish, who has met Garbo and Stiller, had an idea for her second test. She suggested to a test with cinematographer Henrik Sartov.

The Danish cameraman Sartov was renowned for the magic he could work with a soft-focus lens he had made himself, and which he had recently been using on Lillian Gish's film La Bohème.

Greta often saw Gish pon her set....watching. Gish told Sartov that Greta has such a lovely face and that he should make some tests of her. Greta gave her okay to Sartov. A few days later, the test reel made its way to a screening room.

This test, supervised by Stiller personally, was a full success. The result being that Irving Thalberg sat up and finally took notice of Greta.

Thalberg put the studio machinery into motion and Greta soon got the female lead in The Torrent.

The American “Stiller- directed” screentest is lost or was destroyed in the late 20s.

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The Divine Woman is considered a lost film. When MGM embarked on a preservation program in the 1960s, both the negative and the vault print of the film were found to have suffered total nitrate decay.


One reel was found in Russia in the 1990s, but there is little hope of ever seeing this film as it originally presented. The film has Russian text written in-frame with English subtitles and o nly three of the cast appear in the 9 minutes: Greta Garbo, Lars Hanson, Polly Moran. The 9 minutes were world premiered at an italian silent film festival on October 15, 1993.

Another scene survied!

Another scene survived which shows "Marianne" after she turned in to this big star.

The Divine Woman has been listed by the American Film Institute. It is listed as one of the ten most important lost films of the silent era.

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The film included a short sequenz of Garbo, Gilbert and director Fred Niblo at a film premiere.


The premiere scene owas specifically filmed for the movie. It is not newsreel footage as many writers and historians wrote. The movie is lost. That's why this misinformation persists.

The film ist lost.

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After Garbo returned from Sweden, she went back to Hollywood. Greta was going to do her first talking picture soon. MGM arranged her first professional Sound-Tests. Greta made her sound-tests in three languages:

Sound-Test One
Faust by Goethe – Marguerite “Monologue” in German

Sound-Test Two
Peer Gynt by Ibsen – Solviegs “Song“ in Swedish

Sound-Test Three
Hamlet by Shakespeare – Ophelia's “Prayer “ in English

The sound tests were never released to public and i think they are lost.

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Many scenes from the film were cut. Garbo knew which of her scenes were missing from the finished film. Her employee Gustaf Norin drove her to see it.

“I remember that she saw ‘The Kiss'  three different times,” said Norin. “Once in Los Angeles, again in Pasadena, and a third time in Long Beach.”

It is not known which scenes were cut. No infos known.

Cut: A "dinner" scene

This scene was eliminated from the final cut of The Kiss because it slowed the film's pace.

Cut: A longer scence from the "court"

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