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Garbo on Set - Part III

USA 1928 - Woman of Affairs


The photograph by James Manatt shows William Daniels (at camera) and director Clarence Brown (in foreground) as they film a close-up of Garbo over Gilbert's shoulder on August 24, 1928.

Clarence Brown shows Garbo to play mood music.



USA 1929 - Wild Orchids

Sidney Franklin and William Daniels filming this "Garbo & L. Stone-scene", on November 5, 1928.

MGM's costume desginer Adrian shows Garbo some skizzes.



USA 1929 - The Singles Standard


Garbo and costume designer Adrian.


USA 1929 - The Kiss

A James Manatt behind-the-scenes portrait of Greta Garbo, with Jacques Feyder and William Daniels. The scrim on which a spotlight throws their shadows served an important function: it prevented movie extras on the courtroom set from watching Garbo film her close-ups.


Director Jacques Feyder and cameraman William Daniels. Here they line up a shot that begins with a huge close-up of Garbo at her mirror.

Arranging the courtroom scene.


The Kiss was Garbo's last "silent".


USA 1930 - Anna Christie

Garbo's first talking-picture.



USA 1930 - Romance


Garbo and Gavin Gordon play a scene for director Clarence Brown, cameraman William Daniels.


Greta Garbo: A Cinematic Legacy by Mark A. Vieira


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