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December 12, 2010

Grand Hotel Blu-ray coming!

Garbo’s first BLU –RAY. Grand Hotel will be issued in January 2013

Get them at  HERE!


October 20, 2010

First production photos from ‘When Garbo talks!’ musical

Here are two production photos from the new GG musical by Shashin Desai.

Matthew Henerson, Michael Stone Forrest & Jessica Burrows as a young Garbo

When Garbo Talks!, presented by International City Theatre, opened October 15 and plays through November 7 with performances Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm.

Tickets: $35-$60.
International City Theatre at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center,
300 East Ocean Blvd., Long Beach.
Box Office 562.436.4610.

More  HERE!

Production photos Copyrighted by Shashin Desai


October 18, 2010

New Cecil Beaton book coming in November

The title is Cecil Beaton: The Art of the Scrapbook by James Danziger and will be issued in England on Nov. 9, 2010. From what I have heard, Garbo will be on the cover art.


Premise from

As one of the 20th century's most important photographers, Cecil Beaton documented lives both famous and quotidian in dozens of scrapbooks now held by Sotheby's London. In the course of his decades-long career as a photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair, as well as a British war correspondent, Beaton helped invent the cult of the celebrity image.

In these pages, reproduced here for the first time, you will enter a fabulous and surreal party where Tallulah Bankhead rubs shoulders with a bust of Voltaire and a portrait of Stravinsky, and where Beaton's first trip on the Queen Mary coincides with Queen Elizabeth's coronation.

Hardcover: 400 pages
Publisher: Assouline Publishing; Slp edition (November 9, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 2759404722
ISBN-13: 978-2759404728
Product Dimensions: 2.4 x 12.2 x 15.5 inches

You can get the book  HERE!

Garbo and Beaton were friends

In 1946 they met in New York and became friends. They met casually and even made a series of photographs. They started a deep friendship and it is rumoured that they had a love affair. Beaton later said that he even proposed marriage. Their friendship continued until 1972, when Beaton commited an unbelievable mistake: He published his book The Happy Years, the third volume of his diaries, that resumed in full length, his love-affair with Garbo.

© by 'The Cecil Beaton Studio Archive at Sotheby's'

More on GG and Beaton  HERE!

Thanks to Gianni


Sept. 22, 2010

New musical ‘When Garbo talks!’ – premieres Center in California/USA

International City Theatre closes its 25th, Silver Jubilee Season with the world premiere of an original musical about Garbo. With book and lyrics by the late Buddy Kaye and music by the late Mort Garson ("Our Day Will Come").

When Garbo Talks! opens on October 15 and continues through November 7 at International City Theatre in the Long Beach Performing Arts Center in California/USA Low-priced previews begin October 12.

Additional book writer Richard D. Kaye has worked closely with director Jules Aaron to develop When Garbo Talks!, his father's final project, for the ICT stage. The eight-person ensemble features Jessica Burrows in the title role.

"This new play shows us a Garbo that many of her fans may not recognize - the young actress just starting out," explains Aaron. "It shows the humor and the passions of the woman who would later develop into an iconic figure. Garbo was really the first modern woman in film. She demanded - and received - treatment and pay equal to that of her male counterparts."

More  HERE  and  HERE!


July 19, 2010

New Spanish DVD’s: Two-Faced Woman and Box Set

Finally on DVD in Spain.La mujer de las dos caras will be out on Sept. 30, 2010. LIamentol will also release a 2-DVD pack incl. a book on the same date.

Colecction Clasicos Imortales: El Velo Pintado and Inspiracion plus Greta Garbo - El doror de la Esfingeby Joan Benavent (2003)

Studio: Llamentol
Release Date: September 30, 2010

Get them  HERE!


July 17, 2010

Garbo’s Inspiration on DVD for the Italian market

The Cortigiana DVD will be issued in Italy in mid-April, 2010

Studio: Golem Video
Release Date: April 16, 2010

Get it  HERE!


July 17, 2010

Garbo’s Two-Faced Woman on DVD for the Spanish market

DVD will be issued in Spain in late September, 2010

Studio: Llamentol
Release Date: September 30, 2010

Get it  HERE!


June 22, 2010

Conquest DVD for the American market!

DVD will be out in the USA in August! We have the cover art.

Get them at  HERE!


May 30, 2010

Book premiere of new Italian Miss G. book

Author Italo Moscati talked about his book Greta Garbo. Diventare star per sempre, to reporters in a bookstore. Here is a video.


The book is available via Amazon worldwide. Sadly it is only available in Italian language.

More info  HERE!

Thanks to RubyRed


May 16, 2010

Garbo Retrospective at the La Rochelle film festival in France

Festival will be held between July 2 to July 11. They will show many silent films from Freudlose Gasse to The Kiss, the 2005 documentary ‘Garbo’, the surviving Divine Woman footage and Anna Christie.

More info  HERE!

Thanks to Nakis


May 3, 2010

Garbo costumes at Oklahoma City Museum of Art


Sketch to Screen: The Art of Hollywood Costume Design

Opening May 6, 2010, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art presents the exclusive exhibition Sketch to Screen: The Art of Hollywood Costume Design on view through August 15, 2010.

The exhibition consists of more than 85 original garments and accessories worn in films by some of Hollywood's brightest stars, including a silver bugle beaded gown designed by Banton and worn by Carole Lombard in "No Man of Her Own” and an Adrian two-piece fitted period gown worn by Greta Garbo in "Queen Cristina.”

Read more  HERE!


The exhibit is divided into 10 thematic sections: "Early Cinema," "Femme Fatale," "Gone with the Wind," "Period Films," "Women's Fashion," "Musicals," "Westerns," "Comic Books & Animation," "A Man's World" and "Oscar-Winning Designs."

Besides the costumes on display, the exhibit include design sketches, wardrobe and film production photographs, documents, original film posters and film clips, to demonstrate the range of creativity and craftsmanship that went into these garments, as well as the evolution of the costume designer's role in movie history.

More  HERE,  HERE!

Thanks to RubyRed


April 24, 2010

New Spanish DVD’s: Anna Christie, Inspiration and The Painted Veil

El Velo Pintado, Anna Christie and Inspiracion out in June 2010. Rumour is that Two-Faced Woman will also be issued in Spain later this year.


Studio: Llamentol
Release Date: June 11 and 19, 2010

Get them  HERE!


April 17, 2010

The Garbo musical by Buddy Kaye is back!

When Garbo Talks!

World Premiere Musical!
Original Book & Lyrics by Buddy Kaye
Music by Mort Garson

She Talks! She Sings! She Lives Again! Set within the vaudeville days of the 1920's and the transition of silent movies into talking pictures, 17-year-old Swedish acting student Greta Gustafsson is discovered by Sweden's genius film director, Mauritz Stiller. Hearts break, careers plummet as icy beauty Greta Garbo rises to become one of the greatest screen actresses of the 30s and 40s and MGM's biggest international star. It is a comic, moving, and tuneful look at the events leading to the discovery and rise to stardom of Greta Garbo at the dawn of Hollywood's Golden Age.

More  HERE,  HERE  and  HERE!

Thanks to Delilah


April 17, 2010

Don't forget: Upcoming Garbo films

The French Cinémathèque in Paris will screen Ninotschka on Monday May 10th at 14h30. It will be followed by a conference on the film and Lubitsch. Go  HERE!

Also on May 30th and June 10th the French Cinémathèque will screen another Garbo film Conquest (aka Marie Walewska) with Charles Boyer. More  HERE!

Plus the Garbo screening at the wonderful Cinémathèque de Bruxelles in Belgium (you know where they keep that precious print of the uncensored Mata Hari): On June 24th at 15h Anna Karenina by Clarence Brown. Go  HERE!



April 8, 2010

New on Youtube

Watch a German report which was made for GG's 20th anniversary.


March 14, 2010

Garbo night on German TV

In memory of GG's 20th anniversary, the German TV channel RBB will screen several GG films on April 16.

Ninotchka (USA 1939)

Ninotschka, Two-Faced Woman and Anna Karenina.


March 13, 2010

Another new Italian Garbo book

Titled Greta Garbo. Diventare star per sempr. It's a "romanticized" biography by Italo Moscati. Its not yet avaiable via amazon. Further info will come some time later.

 24206 10150141428445051 10150121923310051 11680905 -
by Italo Moscati (Edizioni Sabinae)
ISBN 978 8896105 54 2, Pag. 197, Euro 18,00

Moscati Interview
talks about GG in an interview.
 HERE,  HERE  and  HERE!


February 28, 2010

Ninotschka stage play in Altenburg/Germany

Its free and starts at Sunday, 21st at 11 a.m.

German Info:  Genau eine Woche vor der Premiere der Komödie von Melchior Lengyel betritt Ninotschka schon einmal die Bühne und wird zeigen, was in ihr steckt. Lang blieb diese Komödie von Ernst Lubitsch, mit Greta Garbo in der Titelrolle 1939 verfilmt, von den Theatern unentdeckt. Chefdramaturgin Anne-Sylvie König hat es wieder entdeckt.

Liebevoll und mit gesellschaftskritischer Schärfe zugleich führt der ungarische Autor seine Figuren durch die spannende Geschichte um ein Ölgemälde von Rembrandt, das in Paris im Besitz der emigrierten russischen Gräfin Tatjana ist und durch drei Beauftragte aus Moskau eben dorthin zurückgeführt werden soll – sind doch alle Besitztümer der Romanow-Dynastie jetzt sowjetisches Volkseigentum. Die drei Delegierten lassen sich in Paris verführen, und dabei hilft der Mittelsmann der Gräfin Léon Dagoult, als Experte auf dem Gebiet des schönen Lebens, kräftig mit. In Moskau ist das Ausbleiben einer erfolgreichen Rückführung nicht unbemerkt geblieben, und so wird eine makellos linientreue Sonderbeauftragte nach Paris geschickt: Ninotschka!

More info  HERE!


February 27, 2010

Pictures and a good article from the The Mystery of Style Exhibition in Milan


Greta Garbo, Divine Icon of Style

In many ways Salvatore Ferragamo’s story is a bit like a movie plot with a protagonist who manages to turn the dream of a life – becoming a famous shoe designer – true.

It was only natural then for Massimiliano Giornetti, Ferragamo’s creative director, to get the inspiration for the Autumn/Winter 2010-11 collection from the house’s most famous clients, the actresses who so much loved Ferragamo’s shoes, and in particular from Greta Garbo.

Giornetti’s luxurious trench coats, capes and suits characterised by clean lines and matched with fedora hats referenced the style of Garbo, the timeless icon.


Ferragamo’s connection with the Swedish actress continues in an exhibition that has just opened at Milan’s Triennale.

Sponsored by the Italian fashion label, “Greta Garbo. Il mistero dello stile” (Greta Garbo. The Mystery of Style) traces the connections between Salvatore Ferragamo and the Swedish actress while showcasing also film costumes, rare garments and accessories from the actress’s own wardrobe.


Born in 1898 near Naples, Ferragamo moved to America when he was just 16. Working first in Santa Barbara and then in Hollywood, he soon became popular among many motion picture actresses.

In 1927, just before going back to Italy and setting up his business in Florence, Ferragamo created a pair of made-to-measure shoes for Greta Garbo.

Many years passed before the shoe designer and “The Divine” met again: in 1949, the actress visited Ferragamo’s shop in Florence. Since she didn’t have any proper shoes, but only a pair of cord sandals, she turned to the designer for help. In five sittings Ferragamo designed for her a series of low-heeled shoes, among them also a red calfskin sandal with ankle straps that the actress simply loved. In that occasion Garbo bought around 70 pairs of shoes.


Just two years ago, almost fifty years after the actress stopped to shop at Ferragamo’s, Craig Reisfield, Garbo’s great-nephew, visited the designer’s museum in the Florence-based Palazzo Spini Feroni. Reisfield mentioned the Museum Director Stefania Ricci, the collection of Greta Garbo’s dresses and accessories the family still owned and an exhibition was soon planned.

“Greta Garbo. The Mystery of Style” analyses the actress’ continuing association with fashion and her transformation into a prominent on-screen style icon.

Throughout the ‘20s Garbo identified with the style of the Art Deco trend: fans may remember the shot from Monta Bell’s Torrent (1926) that marked the birth of Garbo the Art Deco Diva, in which she appeared with a metallic lame full-length evening coat trimmed with fur.

From 1929, Garbo was paired with the legendary MGM chief costume designer Adrian Adolph Greenberg. An admirer of Erté’s work, Adrian prophetically stated he wanted to create an individual style for Garbo that could also interest and influence people. Adrian kept his word coming up an entirely new and powerful aesthetics for Garbo and, at the same time, contributed with his work to turn America into an influential player in the fashion world.

Adrian’s contemporary couture outfits for Garbo – form-fitting dresses, high necklines, tailored suits, fur stoles, cloche hats that, closely fitting to the head, highlighted the actress’ face transforming it into a sculpture – mirrored the moods of specific film scenes, but also launched appealing trends widely copied by women all over the world.


After Adrian, it was the turn of New York designer Valentina who devised for Garbo a sophisticated wardrobe including a palette that comprised classic beige, black and navy, but also shades of pink and turquoise. Garbo retired in 1942, but the very personal style of this modern screen heroine remained, inspiring many costume and fashion designers.

Exploring the connections Garbo had with art, fashion, culture and style, the Milan-based exhibition features pieces recovered from institutes, museums and private collections, including also the dress with embroidered neckline worn in Clarence Brown’s Inspiration (1931), and the costume worn in Rouben Mamoulian’s Queen Christina (1933), a film that spawned its own commercial clothing line linked to Garbo’s appearance.

Many designs exhibited are directly borrowed from Garbo’s own wardrobe, among them also Valentina’s creations including a silk turquoise dress, a beige taffeta dress with prints of crescent moons and a dark cashmere suit with velvet collar; Givenchy’s classic grey suits and Emilio Pucci’s sporty shantung pants matched with a colourful cotton blouse; Louis Vuitton’s timeless cases and Ferragamo shoes, such as ‘Greta’ characterised by a stitchless upper, soft toe and simple clasp, and ‘Darana’, a velvet ballerina shoe.

Four models of shoes that Ferragamo originally designed for Garbo – closed-toe wedge ‘Attica’, round-toe meshed rope sandal ‘Cistia’, evening slipper ‘Darana’ and lace-up ballerina shoe ‘Ravello’ – and that will be offered as part of the Ferragamo’s Creations Collection, are also premiered at the Triennale.

Photography fans will instead find interesting the study in Garbo’s physiognomy included in the exhibition, carried out through portraits of the diva taken by Clarence Sinclair Bull and Cecil Beaton.

Garbo’s style and independence undoubtedly contributed to create a new alphabet of style, both on and off screen. “I walk alone because I want to walk alone,” Garbo’s Arden Stuart stated in The Single Standard, yet throughout her life she definitely walked in style, also thanks to Ferragamo’s shoes.

“Greta Garbo. The Mystery of Style”, is at Milan’s Triennale until 4th April 2010. From May to September 2010, the exhibition will move to the Florence-based Ferragamo Museum.

Original link  HERE!

Thansk to Anna


February 27, 2010

Video from the The Mystery of Style Exhibition in Milan

Thansk to Anna


February 24, 2010

Garbo inspired Anne Hathaway

I think you may have already seen lots of articles about the upcoming Tim Burton film Alice in Winderland. Ann Hathaway who portrays the White Queen in the film has said in many interviews that she was inspired by Garbo for her portrayal.

"......I watched a lot of her  (Garbo) silent films. Nobody has ever moved on film the way she did."

Read more  HERE!:

More  HERE!

Thansk to Nakis


February 24, 2010

Norwegian names LN-NOM for Garbo

Norwegian Air Shuttle ( and (Oslo) is adding well-known Scandinavian personalities to its growing fleet as it expands into Sweden and Denmark. The company has named its Boeing 737-86N LN-NOM (msn 28642) for Greta.

originally by  aerphoto


February 24, 2010

New book: Greta Garbo - Il mistero deollo stile

Stefania Ricci (director of Ferragamo Museum) will publish an exhibition catalogue (we think it will also be supported by the Reisfields). It will be released in September 2010. You can pre-order Il mistero deollo stile  HERE!

Thanks Anna, Nakis, Sandy


February 24, 2010

Inspiration costume at the Milan exhibition

The Drexel Historic Costume Collection (DHCC) has lent a famous gown, worn by actress Greta Garbo, to the La Triennale Design Museum in Milan for the exhibition Greta Garbo, Legacy as a Fashion Icon. Clare Sauro, DHCC curator, is heading to Milan at the end of the month to oversee the installation of the garment. This is her first major international exhibition loan since taking over as curator in 2009. Garbo had strong ties to Salvatore Ferragamo, the founder of the high-end fashion house, during the 1920s and 30s. Ferragamo made shoes for Garbo that she wore to premier Hollywood events, including for the gown the DHCC lent the museum.

Greta Garbo in Inspiration

The DHCC is home to over 10,000 garments collected by the university over nearly a century. The Garbo dress being lent for exhibition was designed by Gilbert Adrian for the 1931 MGM film Inspiration. It was one of three pieces donated by Mrs. Tomas E. Burns Jr. in 1976 and was one of many garments that have been digitized and archived in the DHCC database by fashion professor Kathi Martin. The Ferragamo Museum found the Garbo dress through the college’s DHCC database.

Thanks Anna


February 23, 2010

Italy gets Ninotchka restored version on DVD

Studio: Artist First Digital
Release Date: June 23, 2010

Get it  HERE!


February 22, 2010

New on Youtube


February 22, 2010

Alone (Valentino Mysteries) – a Garbo inspired novel

Finally you might have seen a mystery novel inspired by Garbo. Titled Alone (Valentino Mysteries) by Loren D. Estleman.


 You can order via Amazon.  HERE!

The plot:
Valentino wants to keep The Oracle, his beloved run-down movie palace, from being condemned before it even reopens, but murder keeps intruding into his otherwise quiet life. At a gala party held in memory of screen legend Greta Garbo, he’s having fun until the host, a hotshot developer named Rankin, tells Valentino about a certain letter from Garbo to his late wife. She and Garbo had been…close.

Such a letter is of great interest to a film archivist like Valentino, but the the plot thickens when Rankin tells Val that his assistant, Akers, is using this letter to blackmail him. Val is appalled by the thought of blackmail…but that letter sounds juicier all the time. Returning to Rankin’s mansion after the party, Val finds Rankin sitting at his desk with a pistol in his hand, looking at Akers’s dead body on the floor.

Valentino’s in a quandary. He’d love to see that letter, but he can’t. He’s gotten his girlfriend—who works for the police—in trouble, so his love life is, pardon the expression, shot to hell. Worse yet, the building inspector has kicked him out of his unfinished living space in the Oracle, so he takes his life in his hands and moves in with his eccentric mentor, the elderly, insomniac Professor Broadhead.
No love, no sleep, no letter—life isn’t fair!


February 20, 2010

More coming Garbo events, films, festivals etc.

Lots of events on our Divine around Europe and elsewhere and unfortunately it is not easy to catch up with all of them. So besides the play Greta Garbo came to Donegal which got wonderful reviews and played to full houses in London and the exhibition of the Ferragamo museum in Milan it is also noteworthy to say something about screenings of Garbo films. Many thanks  to Nakis!


So first stop Luxembourg, there will be two screenings of "Flesh and the Devil" with Carl Davis (who wrote the magnificent musical score for this film and which we know from the DVD) conducting the Luxembourg philamonic orcestra on March 5 and 6. The screenings will take place at the Luxembourg Philarmonic orchestra. Also on March 3rd I believe the Cinemathèque of Luxembourg will be presenting Kevin Brtownow's documentary on Garbo with a discussion following where Carl Davis himself would be discussing Garbo). Some information  HERE  and  HERE!

Nest stop Brussels where as usual the Cinémathèque shows various Garbo films: Here on their website just put Garbo on the search engine and you will find which films are playing. On the upcoming films I believe there is "Flesh and the Devil" and "The temptress". Go  HERE!

Next, the Cinémathèque de Toulouse in France is doing beginnings of March a tribute to the great stars with the presence of the famous actress Maggie Cheung and they will be showing two Grabo films "The street of sorrow and Queen Christina". Go  HERE!

The International Film Festival fo La Rochelle in France has also announced a tribute to Garbo (with the screenings of her silent films) in their next edition which will take place at the beginnings of July with a tribute to her silent films (the program is yet to be determined). More info  HERE!

The Cinémathèque française in Paris will also show three films with Garbo.  "The kiss" on Mrach 29th at 14h30, "Marie Walewska" on May 30th at 14h30, "Ninotschka" May 10th at 14h30. More info  HERE!

More news by end of this week. Oh and by the way, we also have news on three new ‘Garbo books/News’. Which I will post this week.


February 19, 2010

Gray Horan interview on the Mystery of Style Exhibition in Milan

I do not have the time to translate the original Italian text properly. Please understand that I used a silly translator. Anyway as a real fan I am sure you will understand each word. We may will fly and have a look  ;-)

GGs grandniece Gray Horan, 2010
GGs grandniece Gray Horan, 2010

Mysterious and icy: so imagine the Divine
I will tell you my aunt Garbo

 Funny and affectionate so reminiscent of the great-grandson. In Milan exposed the private wardrobes of fiction

Mysterious and icy: so imagine the Divine I will tell you my aunt Garbo Funny and affectionate so reminiscent of the great-grandson. In Milan exposed the private wardrobes of fiction

Greta Garbo's last film, released in 1941, was called Two-Faced Woman and was a resounding failure so to mark the end of his career. Other than launching a 'new look', as announced on director George Cukor, who had wanted for her a trick of the ordinary and the wealthy permanent. For the audience, Garbo did not have to change: this is not what is required of an icon, and the beautiful Swedish actress decided to retire, disappear. From that moment begins the story of the great absentee. But like all legends, the reality has been lost in a haze of confidentiality almost obsessive. To tell it in his everyday life, provides an exceptional exhibition (sponsor Ferragamo) Greta Garbo. The mystery of the styleThe Triennale of Milan where they are exposed some rare costumes, and for the first time his private wardrobe. It is this unpublished material to reveal the contemporaneity of the character, whose taste would call today minimal avant-garde, as told by granddaughter Gray Horan, interviewed by I woman exclusively.

When she realized that the great-aunt Kata, as they called in the family, was actually Greta Garbo?
"I know his past as an actress until about 10 years, when I spent a week in hospital for an operation and I starmene there with his eyes bandaged. Garbo took me a record player and some discs, the soundtrack Peter Pan and an album of songs of Maurice Chevalier. I got a crush on him and when he came to New York for a concert, she did so I could meet him in backstage. While talking with my parents, I still heard the name of Greta Garbo. I went home, I went to consult an encyclopedia, and I recognized the woman in the photo. I remember that I was impressed but not surprised."

When he saw his films for the first time? What did you like most?
"When his movies appear on television, I stop watching them until late. My favorites are Marguerite Gautier and Ninotchka. In Marguerite Gautier is sublime and the clothes are so romantic. Ninotchka is very lively and fun. I would say that was the character closest to what Garbo was in real life. "

Ferragamo shoe for Greta Garbo
Ferragamo shoe for Greta Garbo

He always said that he had a cold character. In reality he was very attached to his family. In such occasions the encounter?
"I remember that my aunt came into our home outside New York several times a year and we stopped to visit her in her apartment. For Christmas we prepared a Buffet Swedish with all his favorite dishes and we used table linen that Garbo's mother, my grandmother had embroidered. We think that, after the death of my grandfather Sven Garbo's brother, my mother, my brothers and I were his only family. She adored my father who was a doctor. She used to call him "the man in white." Having no children, my mother was for her as a daughter, aunt and he was very proud because he had attended the Faculty of Law at Yale in a time when few women were admitted."

Had the feeling that Aunt Kata was a myth?

"The Garbo was unique and I was always clear. She was beautiful and elegant. You could tell by his way of being and how others answered that it was important. Demanded attention and respect."

Garbo has always adopted an aura of mystery. Gave the same impression in the family?
"I think in his heart was an artist. His approach to life came from the true essence of his soul. Not yield to compromise, was genuine, respond to events in a unique way: his way. Was not easily influenced and I think this is to make people so incisive. But it was also fun and modern. He practiced yoga and for life has made his legendary long walks. He loved the healthy and natural foods, much earlier than the habits of those years."

How was it organized at home wardrobe Greta, now on display?
"He had converted a bedroom in his apartment in New York in a closet with two shoes that went from floor to ceiling, created for his collection of footwear. Kept the animals protected with tissue paper. Had sought the best quality and tended to keep things as best as possible. Today, her wardrobe is kept in a temperature-controlled storage and has been cataloged.

Rarely wore jewelry, and this is clear from his photographs.
"The Garbo liked beautiful things, including jewelry. He had magnificent objects of Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels donated by admirers and suitors, but they also buy jewelry for yourself."

Had some good luck?
"She always wore a large gold signet ring that had been given and that depicted a helmet Swedish nobleman. She also wore many bracelets gold chain designed by Verdura. Are a classic and still produce them. Once he gave me some advice on jewelry. He said, "I do not have to compete with your face." In his case, there was jewelry that could match."

Copyright@Giusi Ferre
February 19, 2010

The original Italian text  HERE!

Thanks to Anna


February 18, 2010

New on Youtube

PS: By the way, Youtube deleted our Garbo channel. Four years no problem then from one night to the other it was gone. R.I.P. *g*


February 16, 2010

Greta Garbo Came to Donegal – a Garbo inspired novel

This is the novel inspired by Garbo which turned out to be a successful stage play in London, 2010.  It is written by Frank McGuinness and premiered at the Tricycle Theatre, London, in January, 2010.


You can order via Amazon.  HERE!

The  plot:
In the summer of 1967 Greta Garbo comes to Donegal. Ireland is on the verge of violent change. Two couples are on the verge of parting. A woman tries to save her family, while a girl tries to save her future. Seemingly above it all is the loveliest and loneliest of all women, the great Garbo. But when the gods arrive, they can cause havoc, not least to themselves, as the divine Greta is to learn.


February 14, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates

Over the last 6 month i was hardly able to do any updates. I was bizzy with my study, my health and personal things with my family.

Sometimes you just need to sort your priorities.  Thanks to those who understand and supported me in the last 6 months and for keep going (Anna, Ivana, Patrick, Mr Werner, Bea, Ciccione, Luca, Jess, Theo, Dave, Micha and and and…).

Love you all and thanks for the help. See you in Sweden, 2010.

Happy Valentine



February 09, 2010

Garbo Talks on DVD in USA

Sadly only for the American market. Get Anne Bancroft at her best.

Studio: MGM
DVD Release Date: April 15, 2010
Run Time: 104 minutes

Get it  HERE!


February 08, 2010

Greta Garbo: The Mystery of Style Exhibition in Milan

In Milan, Ferragamo is paying a tribute to Greta Garbo with an exhibition of her clothes and shoes that have not been available for Public viewing in the past. The exhibition is organised in collaboration with Garbo's Grandnephew Craig Reisfield and it will show clothes and fashion accessories never seen before... from Vuitton to Pucci and Givenchy to Ferragamo.


From 28th February 2010 to 4th April 2010
Triennale di Milano
Viale Emilio Alemagna 6

Tuesday-Sunday 10.30-20.30
Thursday and Friday 10.30-23.00

tichets: free admittance

Thanks to Anna


January 21, 2010

New Gösta Berling Saga DVD for Italy

The I Cavalieri Di Ekebu DVD will be issued in Italy in late March, 2010

Studio: Cecchi Gori Home Video
Release Date: March 23, 2010

Get it  HERE!


January 15, 2010

Greta Garbo Came To Donegal

The visit of Greta Garbo, the most famous and enigmatic film actress of all time, to Donegal in 1967 provides the intriguing scenario fo

Frank McGuinness's new play.  The enigmatic Swedish actress, at the peak of her fame, spent the second half of her life in retirement. What did she do all that time? Among other things, she visited an Irish household that has fallen on hard times. Prepared to meet an awesome screen goddess, the family are actually confronted by a spoiled and selfish woman, honest to the point of rudeness, whose brief presence has a lasting effect on their lives.

Ireland in 1967 was on the verge of violent change. The family are too incompetent and self-absorbed to prevent their own downfall. But there is hope for the future in the adolescent Colette, played enchantingly by Lisa Deveney.

The owner of the house, Matthew - an outsider and an Englishman - is underplayed by Daniel Gerroll. Owen McDonnell is James Hennessey, the archetypal Irish drunk, and his wife, Sylvia (Angeline Ball), is a desperate, foolish, near-tragic personality. Caroline Lagerfelt's Garbo is a woman who has achieved fame and success but not happiness - along with a well-concealed sympathy and understanding.

This entertaining, if somewhat unsatisfactory, piece is performed on a composite set, cleverly designed by Robert Jones to suggest both the crumbling interior of a grand house and the surrounding countryside in summer. – by JILL TRUMAN

. Greta Garbo came to Donegal Greta Garbo Came To Donegal
Caroline Lagerfelt in Greta Garbo Came to Donegal. Photograph: Tristram Kenton

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January 5, 2010

Cyrinda meets Garbo

Cyrinda Foxe (February 22, 1952 – September 7, 2002) was an American actress, model and publicist. In the early 1970s she worked for Same Green and got in contact with MISS G. In 2009 she released her Autobiography and mentioned Garbo.

Excerpt from Dream On by Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler pg. 68-69 about when she meet Greta Garbo.

A famous international art dealer and consultant, Sam Green needed someone like me who gave good phone, so every morning I'd dress up, go to his house off Central Park West, and be divine on the phone. One morning this woman called and asked for Sam. She said she was Miss Brown. I told Sam that Miss Brown was calling, and he said, "Oh, I'll take that." He later told me it was Greta Garbo. They were good friends and she always identified herself as Miss Brown. She would call every morning at 8:30 and talked for an hour. Andy Warhol called at 9:30 and they'd talk for an hour. So Sam needed someone to handle the phones when he was doing his daily catch-ups with Andy and Miss Brown.

(the biography)

Sometimes Garbo would come over to Sam's house. He told me just to talk about simple things, and never ask her questions about her career in the movies. Also I was instructed not to call her Miss Garbo or tell her someone said to say hello, because if I did she would know I was talking about her to someone else. The first time I met Garbo I had to bring some packages over to he house. On my way up in the elevator I ran into Rex Harrison, who lived in the same building, and I swear to God he tried to pick me up, I turned down the offer and went to Garbo's apartment, where she offered me a vodka. It was really early in the morning, and she was wearing slacks and a sweater and was barefoot. I didn't notice that she had Flinstone feet like the legend says, but she was thin and had great bones, and her skin looked tired.

Once she was going to walk home from Central Park from Sam's house to her apartment on East 52nd Street, and Sam asked me to go with her. She walked fast and kept her head down and was not recognized the whole time. "Don't look at people." she said to me as we clipped along. Once or twice we sat on a bench to rest for a few minutes. I was the one who needed to rest, not her. She could really move along and I had on high heels. She was easy to talk to about really trivial things--squirrels, the trees, if we should go up the hill or around it.--and to me she was just a nice, elderly woman who knew what she wanted which was not to be bothered. She gave me good womanly advice: Everyone sucks and that privacy is the most important thing. She was neither affectionate nor cold. Little me and one of the world's Ultimate Woman. I'll never forget it and you can bet I was getting spoiled.

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