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December 27, 2007

GarboForever calender 2008 by RubyRed

This is a gift from our RubyRed aka Anna -Maria. Happy New Year!

Calendar 2008


See more of RubyReds art  HERE!


December 27, 2007

Grand Hotel gets preserved

The USA has added 25 movies to the National Film Registry, which seeks to ensure the classics will be preserved for future generations. The 2007 list also includes Grand Hotel with Garbo, Library of Congress head, James Billington said in a news release.


The Librarian of Congress — Billington's official title — picks the movies on advice from the National Film Preservation Board because they are deemed to be "culturally, historically or aesthetically" significant. Once named, the library moves to preserve them, either through its own preservation program or by collaborating with other archives, studios and independent filmmakers. The preservation effort is necessary because old movies are deteriorating.

"Up to half the films produced in this country before 1950 — and as much as 90 per cent of those made before 1920 — are lost forever," Billington said.

More info  HERE!

December 21, 2007

God Jul to all Greta fans!

We wanted to pass along our best Christmas wishes to all Greta fans. We value your support and thank you for your continued readership, support  and friendship of this website. We look forward to serving you in the new year. Happy holidays to all Greta fans.

Lets "Elf" and "Scrooge" with David Lee's special Greta!
Click the pictures.

Expert from a “Christmas letter” Garbo wrote in 1935 to her friends in Tristad (Sweden)

“ is Christmas and I would like to wish you all a very specially happy Christmas, since I can't be with you.

When you go off to drink the first mulled wine of the season, don't forget that I want you to drink my health. Don't forget ……..because even if I'm not watching you, the heavens are.

Only one God. He created everything out Of one spirit – we are all one. And God is love. Don't laugh (I'll explain when we see each other). Happy Christmas to everyone...."

Click   HERE  and leave some words or flowers for Greta!

Love... TJ and J.

December 20, 2007

New Garbo filmposter video from Jean-Charles

Have a look at his special new video.

More from Jean-Charles  HERE!


December 18, 2007

Garbo festival at the À l'action Christine in Paris

Nakis, our GarboNews man, just found out there is a Garbo festival (unfortunately only this week: December 19 - December 22, 2007) in Paris (France) at the cinema Action Christine. The festival is called: Garbo “La Divine”.

They show the following films:

Dec 19 - Ninotchka

Dec 20 - Mata Hari

Dec 21 - As You Desire Me

Dec 22 - Susan Lenox : Her Fall and Rise

Garbo “La Divine” - Extrait du Dictionnaire du Cinéma (Éditions Larousse)

Greta Lovisa Gustafsson, dite Greta (Stockholm 1905 – New York 1990). Naturalisée américaine en 1951, elle est, avec Chaplin sans doute, la personnalité la plus universellement célèbre du cinéma.

Garbo demeure l'archétype absolu de cet étonnant phénomène sociologique que fut la star , si exactement définie par André Malraux: une star est "une personne dont le visage exprime, symbolise, incarne un instinct collectif" , "une femme capable de faire naître un grand nombre de scénarios convergents...comme les créateurs de mythes inventèrent l'un après l'autre les travaux d'Hercule".

Sa beauté fut légendaire (on vérifia sur ses traits le nombre d'or) et sa “mythologie”, issue de ses films, alimentée tant par la publicité des studios, les rêves des admirateurs, les fables des journalistes, que par le soin farouche qu'elle mit à tenir secrète sa vie privée, fit d'elle aussi une figure de légende, un symbole vivant: Sphinge du Nord, Divine, Femme fantôme, Mademoiselle Hamlet.

Son éloignement volontaire des écrans à 36 ans, en pleine lumière, a préservé jusqu'à nous l'aura magique de son personnage. Magie d'autant moins contestable que, trois fois sur quatre, elle transfigure des scénarios, et parfois des mises en scène, qui sans Garbo seraient au bord de l'inepte.

More Details  HERE  and  HERE!

Thanks to Nakis


December 16, 2007

Garbo fan competition - Part 1

We love little Garbo-ish games and plays on the Garbo-Board. Two weeks ago our Annie (aka Garbo20) started a Garbo fan art comeptition. The theme was: Garbo and Pepsi Cola.  More Info HERE!

Here are some of the results:


The winner of Annie's first competition is announced:

The fans voted and the winner is this picture made by  RubyRed (aka Anna Maria from Italy).

Next Competition:
Write a story about GG traveling in time to this year.

Thanks to Garbo 20 (Annie)


December 16, 2007

Garbo tribute song gets remixed and re-released!

The 2005 released song My Greatest Greta, by French Pop group 3 Cold Man will be re-released in Januray 2008.

3 Cold Men were formed in late 1999. Their major influences are running from the britannic Cold-Wave down to the French and German Electro-Gothic styles from the 80's and 90's. Their musical style is known nowadays as Retro Wave.

The song My Greatest Greta first appeared on their 2005 released album Urban Rmxs. From 2005-2007,  they performed the song several times live and the audience loved it. In the lyrics they mention words like Divine, Flesh, Torrent, As you desire me, Queen Christina and the song sounds a bit like New Order's Blue Monday.

In November 2007 the A merican band DATA-BANK-A, did a special remix for My Greatest Greta (Garbot Radio Days Edit). This remix is exclusive track for download only  and will be released in January 2008 and is the first single from their new album Photogram.

You can hear a remix (The 3cm's Dubious Dancing King 54 Rmx)  HERE!


December 14, 2007

Garbo wins online voting!

Some weeks ago, the German magazine Bunte asked their online readers which Hollywood actress they want to see pictures from?

Now the winner is announced: Garbo

Greta Garbo Greta Garbo Greta Garbo Greta Garbo
You can see their diashow   HERE!

The Poll: Greta beats Marilyn and Laetitia

It was a very exciting voting poll: 36,3% voted Garbo on number one, 35,2% voted  Marilyn on place number two and Laetitia Casta, with 22,5%, got the third place.

More Info  HERE!


December 11, 2007

Keira Knightley talks about Garbo's smokin' style

For her new film, Atonement (USA 2007), English film and television actress, Keira Knightley "studied" Garbo's smokin' style.

Garbo smokin' in Anna Christie

Garbo's Smokin' style

Knightley's character is almost always smoking in her new movie. "What we were trying to do was really go back to that very 1940s style of filmmaking, and you go back to any of those films and it's a cigarette on the go the whole time," she said. "Greta Garbo, I watched a lot for her cigarette action. She has a great way of holding it. And there was some fantastic Bette Davis butt action as well."

Keira Knightley

More about the film  HERE!

Thanks to Nakis


December  9, 2007

Garbo drawing at Christie's Auction

We thought you would like to know that London auction house Christie's is going to sell this famous Garbo drawing ink on paper by French artist Rene Gruau (1909-2004).

The drawing is called Greta Garbo en reine Christine was made around 1950 and they estimate 12,000 - 18,000 USA $. 

See the auction  HERE!

Thanks to Gianni

December 8, 2007

*Annie's "Garbo Links" Update!*

Our Annie (Garbo20), has updated and re-created her Garbo Links section. Its full of interresting websites, blogs, channels and more, all dedicated to the Divine one.  See  HERE!

Thanks to Annie


December 8, 2007

New „Garbo“ inspired fashion line by Wolfgang Joop!

For his new autumn/winter (2007/2008) fashion collection, the internationally successful German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop takes a journey to the Berlin era of the 1920s.

Joop said that his new collection is inspired by Garbo and director Pabst 1925 classic, The Joyless Street. More Info HERE!

The look of tomorrow!


"Its the look of tomorrow", said Joop. The collection is inspired by Pabst classic silent film The Joyless Street with Greta and Asta Nielsen. "Thats how the 'City Girls' of yesterday looked", said Joop.

More Info  HERE!


December 7, 2007

Great Garbo tribute on Youtube!

A big Greta fan, Niéri, send me this great piece of work, mixed with Madonna's 1994 tune, Inside of me. I think its very intimate and sensual and i had to post it here.

Tribute to Garbo with music by Madonna

Thanks Niéri


December 4, 2007

*Nici's Garbo package of the month Update!*

A "Garbo Angel" package, for the christmas season.

Kisses Nici

Download the Zip-file   HERE!


December 4, 2007

Special DVD Edition of Grand Hotel released!

A special edition of Grand Hotel has been released in Germany on November 11th, 2007. It is called Menschen im Hotel - Best Picture Edition (Special Edition).


In 1933 Grand Hotel won an Oskar for Best Picture! More Info about the film HERE!

You can get the DVD here:

Menschen im Hotel (Special Edition) 

See all Garbo released DVD and VHS  HERE!

December 4 , 2007

*Srepac's scan of the month! Gallery Update!*

Very large special scans by Srepac, retouched by Nici!

Visit the Gallery  HERE!


December 3, 2007

What if Greta Garbo sang Frosty the snowman?

Molly of Molly and Sonny Boy send us her impression of Garbo singing this classic American christmas song. What if Garbo sang Frosty the Snowman?  Molly realizes it in her imagination and in this YouTube video.

Frosty the Snowman

Molly and Sonny Boy

Molly and Sonny Boy are a unique singing-songwriting and podcasting duo from New Ulm, Minnesota (USA). Their musical niche is one that they have dubbed "Rhythm and Blues-Grass. Sonny Boy is A medical Doctor (ER) and a Molly is a Radio DJ.

The highly-skilled Minnesota recording artists and multi-instrumental singer-songwriters who love to share their creative voice in a unique and unusual way.  They hope you will enjoy their music during the holiday season whether you purchase one or both of their CD's.

Enjoy the Molly and Sonny Boy Christmas Show CD this holiday season. They feel all music-lovers will savor their unique interpretation on some old familiar favorites.

Check out Molly and Sonny Boy's website HERE!


December 2, 2007

Garbo at TCM  - December 2007 schedule!


December 9:
Ninotchka  (13:00 AM)

December 24:
Grand Hotel  (11:05 AM)


December 5:
The Big Parade Of Comedy  (6:00 AM)

December 15:
Grand Hotel  (6:00 AM)

Garbo DVD petitions
Garbo on DVD! A little reminder to sign the Garbo DVD petitions to get more of her films on DVD!

Please support us and sign  HERE  or  HERE!


December 2, 2007

*Werner's movie stills of the month ! Gallery Update!*

Very rare Garbo movie stills from Hollywood by GarboWerner!

Visit the Gallery HERE!


December 1 , 2007

*GarboForever Update* December 1!

Garbo Audio -  many new Files have been added
(Media) Click  HERE! (thanks to Steffen)

Garbo video files: Garbo's half sister report, new cartoon, etc.
(Media) Click  HERE! (thanks to David and Rubyred)

Garbo's lovers and friends: Mauritz Stiller
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (thanks to Greg)

Garbo Stories: Garbo and Grace Kelly
(Trivia) Click   HERE! (thanks to Meri)

Garbo Stories: Garbo meets Frank Sinatra and Jane Fonda
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (Rubyred and Isaura)

Garbo's Musical's and Stage plays
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (thanks to Bea, Theater Glorreich and Herve Bernardomnes)

Garbo on DVD
(Media) Click   HERE! (thanks Klaus)

Garbo's name inspired....
(Media) Click  HERE! (special thanks to RubyRed)

Garbo sings
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (thanks to Steffen)

Garbo Art: Theo's Garbo caps
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (thanks to Theo)

Special Thanks

Many more little but interresting things have been added this very cold and depressing month. Special thanks to Werner, Gianni, Nakis, Isaura, Annie, Theo, Meri, Miss G, Patrick, Jean-Charles & Fabbienne and all the crazy Garbomanicas for their contributing support, friendship, critic and info. 

As always, TJ & J.


December 1, 2007

New Queen Christina DVD released!

Garbo's 1933 released film, Queen Christina, will be released as a new exclusive DVD-Edition for the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.


The film is part of a series called: SZ Cinemathek Traumfrauen and will feature female legends such as Ava Gardner, Romy Schneider, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and many more.

Königin Christine mit Greta Garbo - SZ Cinemathek Traumfrauen

You can get the DVD here:

Königin Christine mit Greta Garbo - SZ Cinemathek Traumfrauen

In 2006, the Süddeutsche Zeitung also issued a  Ninotchka DVD!

More Info  HERE!


December 1, 2007

Two-Faced Woman on DVD: Cover Art revealed?

Well, not really. This DVD cover is "fan art by TJ " but it could be possible that the film will be released on DVD in the near future but we need your help!

Two-Faced Woman DVD

Please help and sign our two Garbo fan petitions to get Two-Faced Woman and more Garbo films on DVD!
Click HERE and HERE!

Thanks to Nakis and Mark


November 28, 2007

Never-before-screened Flesh and the Devil version?

Just an info about a screening of Flesh and the Devil at the San Fransisco Silent Film Festival. They talk about a new, never-before-screened 35 mm print, from the Library of Congress. What could this be? If you have any more details please get in contact with us.

The festival starts on Dec 1, 2007.

More Info  HERE!

Thanks to Nakis

November 27, 2007

*Srepac's scan of the month! Gallery Update!*

Very large special scans by Srepac, retouched by Nici!

Visit the Gallery  HERE!

November 23, 2007

Garbo MySpace - Swedish Sphinx

Our friend Audrey has a new "Garbo MySpace page" called The Swedish Sphinx.

I think its worth to check out the work of Garbo's Number one fan! Anyone who is  interested in finding out about "the divine vortex" hang around and you might get sucked in.

See her space   HERE!


November 18, 2007

New scene from Greta's advertising film How not to Dress discovered!

We just discovered that another scene from Garbo's small advertising film Herrskapet Stockholm ute på inkop excist.

This was a small advertising film for the Stockholmer department store - PUB.  The film is mostly known as How not to Dress, as this was the title of the segment with Greta. You can find more Info  HERE!

Greta models for the PUB - Video

Den gudomliga (The Divine) short film!

"How not to Dress" and "Our daily Bread"

The Swedish Cooperative Union (KF) is the member association for Sweden's over 60 consumer associations and their 2.9 million members. They added a short film on their website called Den gudomliga (The Divine).

Den gudomliga does include three scenes of Garbo's 1920 and 1921 Swedish promotional/advertising films. See  HERE!


November 18, 2007

New Mata Hari movie in production!

Ninety years after her execution for espionage, Mata Hari remains a byword for female treachery. Garbo played Mata in 1931 and it was one of her most successful American films. English director Martha Fiennes is going to make a new  film, starring Dita Von Teese, about this notorious seductress in a very different light.

Garbo as Mata (USA 1931)

Mata Hari's - real name was Margaretha Geertruida Zelle - she was originally a spy for the French during the war and acted as a courtesan to many high-ranking allied military officers. In 1917, she was accused of providing information to the Germans and was subsequently executed in France.

The real Mata Hari

American style icon and burlesque queen Dita Von Teese will star as exotic dancer and World War I double agent Mata Hari. The 35-year-old Teese has signed up for the lead role in this biopic about the tragic Dutch star, who was executed by a firing squad after being exposed as a double agent during World War I.

Popular dancer and pin-up model - Dita Von Teese

Martha Fiennes said that Teese is perfect for the part  and that she has written the script but it will probably need some developing, so we can not  expect filming to start for another eight to ten months. You can can find more Info about the project  HERE!


November 17, 2007

Wonderful Garbo screen-saver!

This is a special gift, Susan from, made for the GarboForevers. I hope you will like it. It's an amazing piece of work, with beautyful Garbo Portraits and touching piano music!!

You can download the Screen-Saver  HERE!



You can see more of Susan's work  HERE!


November 15, 2007

Drastic make over for Stockholm's PUB!

              The PUB today                            Nina Persson

Sweden 's oldest department store, known as the PUB, gets a new image this winter. Nina Persson, lead singer form Swedish pop-group, The Cardigans, helped to turn the store into a hip fashion house.

Greta at the PUB

PUB, named after the initials of its founder Paul U. Bergström, first opened its doors in 1882 and Garbo worked there as a sales girl in the 1920s before becoming the Hollywood legend. More Info HERE!

From Garbo to grotesque!

Read the full article HERE!


November 12, 2007

To all German fans: The new PM BIOGRAPHY magazine is out!

This German biography magazine does featuere a big (12 pages) Garbo article. Nice pictures and well written by Patricia Bröhm. More Info  HERE!

You can downlaod the article at,, for 0,60 € (ClickandBuy)  HERE!

Thanks to Bea


November 9, 2007

Garbo 2008 Calender for sale at Ebay!

For those who are interrested in such things. You can get the calender  HERE!

More Garbo Merchnadising HERE!

Thanks to Annie


November 6, 2007

Alle wollen Greta Garbo sehen! Funny new Garbo stage play in Germany

From all the many Garbo stage plays (New York, Paris, Budapest etc) we had and will have this year, the beautyful, 1920s & 1930s Jazz inspired, German Theater "Glorreich" (in Düsseldorf), is giving us the funniest one.

Garbo lives!

Alle wollen Greta Garbo sehen! (They all want to see Greta Garbo!) is the orginal title and will premiere on November 8. The Synopsis is very funny and cute. I am working on the text by now.

The theater is in Düsseldorf down town

The show starts at 19.45 (German time) and will repeat on 15th and 23rd of November. More Info  HERE!

Thanks to Juliane Strizewski


November 6, 2007

Garbo at TCM  - November 2007 schedule!

Turner classic movies will screen three Garbo's films and the great 2005 Documentary in November!


November 15:
Ninotchka  (8:00 PM)

November 30:
Anna Karenina  (10:00 PM)
Camille (3:00 PM)
Garbo  (5:00 AM)

Garbo DVD petitions
Garbo on DVD! A little reminder to sign the Garbo DVD petitions to get more of her films on DVD!

Please support us and sign  HERE  or  HERE!


November 4, 2007

*GarboForever Update* November 4!

Garbo Facts - in Italian by Anna Maria
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (thanks to RubyRed)

Unrealized Projects 1945-1949: The Black Narcissus, etc
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (thanks to Patrick)

Garbo's film partners: Constance Bennet and Henry Daniell
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (thanks to Greg)

Garbo's Grave: Video file of Garbo's funeral added
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (thanks to Bea)

Garbo Stories: Garbo' s Taormina vacation
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (Gianni)

Garbo's Musical's and Stage plays
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (thanks to Zoltan, Jean-Charles and Peggy)

Garbo Candids and Private picture Gallery
(Gallery) Click  HERE  and  HERE! (thanks to Eddie and Dave Lee)

Garbo Video's: many new candid clips, reports added in the Video section
(Media) Click  HERE! (thanks to Javier)

About 200 large Garbo movie stills: A gift from Dr. Macro
(Gallery) Click  HERE! (special thanks to Jerry)

Garbo's childhood and family pictures
(Gallery) Click  HERE  and  HERE! (thanks to Fabbiene)

Garbo Press articles: Many new press articles are added
(Media) Click  HERE! (thanks to Eddie)

with love TJ & J.


November 3, 2007

Please vote for Garbo's films to be released on DVD!

Check the Turner Classic Movies website and see the polls. TCM sends its poll results to DVD distributors, and with enough votes selected titles get distribution.

Please click the picture and vote for Garbo at TCM!

The Joyless Street

Current Rank: 420
Votes: 3

The Torrent

Current Rank: 243
Votes: 183


Current Rank: 264
Votes: 160

A Woman of Affairs

Current Rank: 312
Votes: 111

Wild Orchids

Current Rank: 318
Votes: 105

The Single Standard

Current Rank: 321
Votes: 105

The Kiss

Current Rank: 296
Votes: 127


Current Rank: 300
Votes: 123

Susan Lenox: Her Rise And Fall

Current Rank: 313
Votes: 110

As You Desire Me

Current Rank: 156
Votes: 342

The Painted Veil

Current Rank: 215
Votes: 216


Current Rank: 273
Votes: 151

Two-Faced Woman

Current Rank: 121
Votes: 436

Please also do not forget to sign our DVD petitions  HERE  and  HERE!

Thanks to Swingdancingred


November 1, 2007

*Werner's movie stills of the month ! Gallery Update!*

Very rare Garbo movie stills from Hollywood by GarboWerner!

Visit the Gallery HERE!


October, 31 2007

New Garbo christmas stage play in France!

Joyeux Noël Mademoiselle Garbo (Merry Christmas Miss Garbo) is a new French stage play written by H. Bernard Omnes and Ph. Villiers.

The play focuses on  Garbo's life after her career and on the telephone conversations between Garbo and her friend teh art dealer Sam Green.

This amazing piece of work will premiere in Paris/France at the SACD - House of the Authors, on November 19, 2007.

Zazie Delem plays Greta Garbo, Anna Gaylor as Garbo's maid Claire Koger Nicolas Djermag as  Sam Green.

More Info about Joyeux Noël Mademoiselle Garbo  HERE!


Garbo's Phone Conversations with Sam Green


The phone Conversations by Garbo and her friend, the art dealer Sam Green are taken from the Barry Paris book "Garbo".
Those conversations, from the early 1970s to mid 1980s were tape-recorded and transcripted. In the early 1990s writer Barry Paris started working on his book "Garbo".

It was the first time that the tape-recorded conversations were published in a book. The rights belong to Sam Green and the Greta Garbo Estate.

It is said that there are 100 hours of taped phone conversations between Garbo and Green and some other interesting persons. All of all of those conversations were transcribed and are in possession of Barry Paris. The high points and the important conversations are included in his book.

Not included in the book are rather "boring" conversations like conversations about food. Green informed Garbo that, as an art dealer working out of his home, he routinely recorded all phone calls.

Garbo made no protest. The original tapes are placed at the Cinema Archives of Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut/USA.

You can find some of the conversations  HERE!

Thanks to Ciccione


October 24, 2007

Rare - The Divine Woman scene!

Many think that there are only the famous 9 minutes footage of Garbo's 1928 classic film. But we can prove you wrong...another scene has survived.

Some say this scene may come from the trailer but other say that this scene from The Divine Woman is too long to have come from a trailer.

Maybe there is more footage in Russia than they let out the first time?

The Divine Woman has been listed by the American Film Institute. It is listed as one of the ten most important lost films of the silent era.

More Info  HERE!


October 24, 2007

One Million Dollar Auction of classic Glamour Photographs!

For the first time in public a uction history, over $1,000,000 of "Pre-code" 1920s and 1930s Hollywood glamour photography will be made available for auction.

On November 7 and 8, Profiles in History, the world's leading dealer of authentic Hollywood artifacts presents over 1,000 fine art photographs featuring history's most legendary actresses including Greta Garbo.


These classic photographs – the greatest assemblage of its kind – were shot by legends in their own right including George Hurrell, Clarence Sinclair Bull (head of MGM's still department for nearly 40 years) and Ruth Harriet Louise, who as the first woman photographer active in Hollywood, ran Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's portrait studio from 1925-1930, bringing to life the most glamorous and sexy female stars of their era.


This will undoubtedly be part of the worldwide bidding which begins at 12:00 noon both days. Bids can be placed either in person, in advance via mail, phone, fax or live over the Internet via eBay Live Auctions


See the auction  HERE!

Thanks to Nakis and Jerry


October 22, 2007

*Nici's Garbo package of the month Update!*

Cause Halloween is soon, I thought I'll make this month a more "dramatic" package... oh, and forgive my funart thing there, which means this month no colored picture.. and I also didn't make a banner anymore, cause I think it's really useless to create them.

Greetings, Nici

Download the Zip-file   HERE!


October, 22  2007

Dr. Macro's Garbo Movie scans Update!

Dr Macro has updated his great Garbo picture archive. More will come soon, we are working on more.

Have a look  HERE!

Thanks Jerry M. for the support!


October, 18  2007

Garbo's friend, Deborah Kerr died

Another legend of the classic cinema has left us. Deborah Kerr (1921–2007) was a Golden Globe award winning and six-time Academy Award nominated Scottish actress. Kerr suffered from Parkinson 's disease and died on October 16th, 2007.

Deborah Kerr

Kerr and Garbo

Kerr was married to Peter Viertel, the son of Garbo's best friend Salka Viertel. Kerr and Viertel even contributed to the Barry Paris book - Garbo.

Garbo was very fond of Peter and Kerr. They married in Klosters (1960) and lived in a big hillside house, surrounded by fir trees, south of town.

Kerr was a friend, Garbo never lost. Kerr's quiet, thoughtful ways always charmed her.  She was married to Peter Viertel, the son of Garbo's best friend Salka Viertel.

Rest in peace Ms. Kerr.

Kerr about Garbo

"She could be so funny and had such a wonderful way of knocking herself," remembered Kerr, whose lilting soprano voice downshifts at  will into a perfect imitation of Garbo's baritone.

"Once in the late afternoon, we were about to have a glass of wine and I asked, 'Miss G, would you like red or white?' She gave me the most tragic look and said, 'Ooooh, De-bo-rah – that is a terrrrible decision!'”

"You never knew with her, whether she was sending you up or not. Peter, on the other hand, was never deferential. He would say, 'C'mon, Greta – just make up your mind!'"

More friends of Garbo  HERE!


October 18, 2007

Garbo's paintings for sale again

Greta died 1990, in New York. Part of Garbo's estate was sold in an 1990 Sotheby Auction. It was called: The Greta Garbo Collection. The Auction was held on November 15, 1990 and t wo of her Renoirs alone brought $11.6 million.

Three paintings out of Garbo's collection are for sale again. The auction starts on Nov 8, in New York. Click  HERE  for more Info!

Dame en blanc

Enfant assis en robe bleue


Click  HERE  and  HERE  for more Info!

Thanks to Patrick

October 18, 2007

*Srepac's scan of the month! Gallery Update!*

Very large s pecial scans by Srepac, retouched by Nici!

Visit Nici's Gallery  HERE!


October, 15 2007

New Garbo stage play based on Greta and her friend Mimi Pollak

This new stageplay,Garbó, is based on Tin Andersén Axell 2005 released book, Djävla älskade unge! Andrea Fullajtár, one of the most popular Hungarian actresses, is playing the role of Garbo.

Andrea Fullajtár

The play will premiere in Budapest/Hungary on 21th of December and is directed by Erika Szántó.

More Info about the play  HERE!

Greta and Mimi, 1929

In 2005, the book Djävla älskade unge! by Tin Andersén Axell and Mimi Pollak was released in Sweden. The book is about Garbo's letters to her friend Mimi.

The book

More info about Garbo and Mimi  HERE  and more Garbo musicals and stage plays  HERE!

Thanks to Zoltan Zubornyak and Elisabeth


October 1, 2007

*Werner's movie stills of the month! Gallery Update!*

Very rare Garbo movie stills from Hollywood by GarboWerner!

Visit the Gallery  HERE!


September 27, 2007

Radio Tribute for Garbo's 102th birthday

An USA radio program special was held for Garbo's 102th birthday. There is an extensive interview with Garbo's nephew Scott Reisfield and lots of insights on Garbo the actress and icon.

Its fab! You can even download the interview!

See  HERE!

Thanks to Nakis


September 25, 2007

Camille screening in Alabama/USA

On September 30, the Bernheim Hall (Ben May Main Library) in Alabama /USA will screen George Cukor's Camille.

More Info  HERE!


September 25, 2007

Queen Christina screening in Oakland/USA

On September 26, the East Bay Movie Theaters in Oakland /USA will screen Rouben Mamoulian's Queen Christina.

It will also be preceded by a short: Rowdy Ann by Al Christie.

More Info  HERE!

September 23, 2007

*Nici's Garbo package of the month Update!*

Get Nici's great Garbo package of the month, dedicated to The Tempress. A great piece of work. It does include: banner, scan, avatars, wallpaper and a big colorized photo!

Download the Zip-file  HERE!


September, 2007

Garbo at TCM  - September 2007 schedule!

Turner classic movies will screen several Garbo's films in September!


September 4:
Flesh and the devil  (8:00 PM)

September 18:
The Kiss  (10:00 AM)
Anna Karenina  (11.15 AM)
Susan Lenox  (1:00 PM)

September 22:
Anna Christie  (1:00 AM)


September 6:
The Divine Garbo  - Documentary (10:40 AM)

September 21:
Ninotchka  (3:00 PM)

September 27:
Grand Hotel  (08:55 PM)

Garbo on DVD! A little reminder to sign the Garbo DVD petitions to get more of her films on DVD!

Please support us and sign  HERE  or  HERE!


September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday GG!

Our divine woman would have turned 102 years old today. Click  HERE  for a great article about Garbo's birthday!

One Hundred and Two years ago.... On September 18, a Monday evening at 7:30 PM in Stockholm/Sweden, Greta Lovisa Gustafsson was born at the Södra Maternity Hospital. Baby Greta was 52 centimeters long and weighted 3.5 kilograms. The family had many financial problems....Read more  HERE!


Visit Garbo at!

Click  HERE  and leave some words or flowers for Greta! R.I.P. GG


September 18, 2007

"Garbo: The Bio-Pic": Coming in 2008?

A big Garbo feature film? Many Garbo fans wonder if it will really happen. IMDb (Internet Movie Database),  listed the project as "in production".

Allround talent  Buddy Bregman will write, direct and produce the big feature project.  It's the behind-the-scenes, personal sexually driven story of this incredible lady as seen through her romances with John Gilbert, Marlene Dietrich (??), Cecil Beaton (homosexual), and a mysterious Latin female screenwriter.

Buddy Bregman

This is going to be a look at one of the world's most emotionally complicated, individualistic and self contained personalities of all time. Her whole life was dedicated to her personal freedom and independence to the confusion of all. She explored her inner world through her unique love life.

More infos  HERE!


September 18, 2007

My Moment of Intimacy with Greta Garbo - by Susanna Estrella

Susanna Estrella is an accomplished writer, translator and poet who has received different awards for her writing achievements. In the late 1970s or early 1980s, she had one encounter with the woman that fascinated millions…Garbo.

Read the story  HERE!

Thanks to Nakis


September 18, 2007

*GarboForever Update* September, 18!

Garbo Facts - in Dutch by Isaura Kerkhofs
(Trivia) Click HERE! (thanks to Isaura)

The Films of Alva and Sven "Garbo"
(Trivia) Click HERE! (thanks to  Werner)

Garbo Doubles
(Trivia) Click HERE! (thanks to Greg)

Garbo related Films and Documentaries
(Trivia) Click HERE! (thanks to Fabbie)

Camille and Ninotchka colorized
(Trivia) Click HERE! (thanks to Jean-Charles and dreamer)

Garbo's Beauty
(Trivia) Click HERE! (thanks to Werner)

Garbo's Musicals and Stage Plays
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (thanks to Michelangelo Alasa, Festat and  Rahel A. Fischer)

Garbo's bibliography
(Media) Click HERE! (thanks to Dreamer)

Garbo Video art - by Jean-Charles
(Trivia/ Garbo Art) Click HERE! (thanks to Ciccione)

Garbo museum
(Trivia) Click HERE! (special thanks to Rune Hellquist and Nakis)

Garbo Videos
(Media) Click HERE! (thanks to Louis)

Garbo IRIS postcards
(Media) Click HERE! (thanks to Werner)

Garbo collectables
(Media) Click HERE! (thanks to Annie and  Werner)

with TJ & J.


September 11, 2007

New Swedish Garbo book: Greta Garbo och den döde mexikanen

It's a fictitious novel and was released in June or July 2007. You can get the book  HERE!

The book

Written by Olov Svedelid for Bokförlaget Forum (publishing company) Visit Garbo's bibliography  HERE!

Thanks to dreamer


September 11, 2007

The Single Sstandard  screening at Filmstaden in Sweden


On November 19, 2007, the Gamla Filmstaden i Solna (Svensk Filmindustri's multiplex theatre) will screen  En kvinnas moral (The Single standard),  with Garbo and Nils Asther.

More Details  HERE!

Thanks to Rune


September 7, 2007

Garbo's costume at Debbie Reynolds lecture

Actress and entertainer Debbie Reynolds opens this season's Friend of the Institute ecture series at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Ms. Reynolds will speak about her remarkable collection of film costumes.

Reynolds is quite known for one of her greatest interests: Collection Hollywood costumes. Ms. Reynolds has been collecting for more than 30 years and has amassed more than 3,200 costumes.


The collection also includes an ensemble worn by Garbo. It is not known which one.

The lecture opens October 11, 2007, Minneapolis at the Institute of Arts The Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA).

More Info HERE!


September 1, 2007

*Werner's movie stills of the month! Gallery Update!*

Very rare Garbo movie stills from Hollywood by GarboWerner!

Visit Nici's Gallery  HERE!


September 1, 2007

New French Garbo book Tombeau de Greta G.

Coming August 2007

The book

Written by Maurice Audebert. You can get the book at Go  HERE!

Visit Garbo's bibliography  HERE!

September 1, 2007

*Srepac's scan of the month! Gallery Update!*

Very large special scans by Srepac!

Visit the Gallery  HERE!


August 6, 2007

*Werner's movie stills of the month! Gallery Update!*

Very rare Garbo movie stills from Hollywood by GarboWerner!

* Dedicated to Ciccione, our friend Jean-Charles, who delights our hearts so often *

Visit the Gallery  HERE!


August, 6 2007

Garbo's Ninotchka part of a classic DVD Box set!

Garbo's classic Ninotchka is part of a German Warner released DVD Box. The title is: Meilensteine der Film-geschichte: 30er Jahre Century Collection.

The BOX was released earlier this year but it is not known yet if the BOX will be released in any other countries too.

More Details  HERE!


August, 6  2007

Mata Hari screening at The McFaddin-Ward House in Beaumont, Texas

On August 23, 2007 - 6:30 pm, the The McFaddin-Ward House will screen Mata Hari, with Greta Garbo as the famous World War I spy.


More Details  HERE!


Aug 5, 2007

*GarboForever Update* Aug 5!

Garbo - the history about her name
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (thanks to Annie)

Garbo and Katharine Hepburn
(Trivia/ Lovers & Friends) Click  HERE! (thanks to  dreamer)

Nici's Garbo Wallpapers
(Media) Click  HERE! (thanks to Nici)

Garbo Interviews - from the Picture Show magazine 1927
(Trivia/ Interviews) Click  HERE! (thanks to Annie)

Garbo and her leading men
(Trivia/Garbo's filmpartners) Click  HERE! (thanks to Greg)

Garbo and Joan Crawford
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (thanks to Annie)

Garbo in Berlin
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (thanks to Patrick)

Cooking and eating à la Garbo
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (thanks to Danica)

Garbo Video art - by Jean-Charles
(Trivia/ Garbo Art) Click  HERE! (thanks to Ciccione)

Garbo a spy in WW II ?
(Trivia) Click  HERE! (special thanks to Bea & Kata)

Garbo and Marlene Dietrich
(Trivia/ Garbo's Lovers & Friends) Click  HERE! (thanks to Nici)

TJ & J.


August, 5  2007

The return of  "Garbo's Last Walk" at  Broadway

The poster art

The dark comedy play, starring Kathleen Chalfant as Garbo, was already premiered in March 2007. Now it is back!

Kathleen Chalfant

The play is about Garbo's last days in New York, called "Garbo's Last Walk". It stars Broadway stars Kathleen Chalfant as the 84 year old Garbo, Laila Robins as her screen image, and Taina Elg as Claire, her maid.

Press release

It will open on August 27, Monday, 7 pm, at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Broadway at 82nd St. in New York City, there's going to be a one hour abbreviated version of the play read before the public.  It's a witty play that captures the real Garbo behind the screen image.

More Info about the play  HERE!

Garbo in New York... walking...

A German production of "Garbo's last walk" in Berlin?

Other fantastic news is that there is a German translation of the play coming so hopefully there will be a production in (suggested) Berlin.

Thanks to Foster Hirsch


August 1 , 2007

*Scan of the month ! Gallery Update!*

Very large special scans by Srepac!

Visit the Gallery  HERE!


August 1, 2007

Grand Hotel screening at Orange Coast College, California

On  Thursday, August 2, 2007 - 3:00 pm, the Orange Coast College at  the Fine Arts Building, Room 119, 2701 Fairview Rd., Costa Mesa in Californina, will screen Grand Hotel.


More Details  HERE!


July 31, 2007

Garbo and the history of her Ross cards!

Collecting Greta Garbo is a very wide field. Every serious collector will be aware of one special kind of memorabilia which is really unique: VINTAGE FILMPOSTCARDS.

Among all countries with an evident tradition of printing those cards, it was Germany in particular publishing thousands of postcards dedicated to film actors and actresses, stage artists, directors and all film related subjects.

Garbo's first Ross card

The biggest and most well known company in Germany was ROSS VERLAG. Ross was the best and and most renowned company which was successfully dealing during some decades of the 20th century.

Garbo's colorized Ross cards


We now present to you the really unique Garbo Ross cards collection by our Werner H. (GarboWerner). All together he presents us more than 600 Garbo Ross cards!

Garbo's rare K-cards

Garbo Ross cards items can be offered by official dealers between 3 and 100 Euros.

Welcome to the world of Greta Garbo Ross cards from a German publishing company which has erected a monument to honour a divine goddess of the silver screen.

Read all about it  HERE!


July 28, 2007

The ICON Garbo book by Paul Duncan also available in USA!

The new Garbo book will also be released in America. Release date is November 2007.

You can get it at Amazon. Click  HERE!

"The Movie Icon" series: People talk about Hollywood glamour, about studios that had more stars than there are in heaven, about actors who weren't actors but were icons. Other people talk about these things, TASCHEN shows you. "Movie Icons" is a series of photo books that feature the most famous personalities in the history of cinema. These 192-page books are visual biographies of the stars. For each title, series editor Paul Duncan has painstaking selected approximately 150 high quality enigmatic and sumptuous portraits, colorful posters and lobby cards, rare film stills, and previously unpublished candid photos showing the stars as they really are. These images are accompanied by concise introductory essays by leading film writers; each book also includes a chronology, a filmography, and a bibliography, and is peppered with apposite quotes from the movies and from life.


See Garbo's Bibliography  HERE!


July 14, 2007

Amazing Video art!

This great video is called: Women in film - 80 years of female portraits in cinema.

The morphing montage of female film star portraits from the last 80 years is made by an unknown artist. I will try tro find out more infos.

In order - Mary Pickford, Lillian Gish, Gloria Swanson, Marlene Dietrich, Norma Shearer, Ruth Chatterton, Jean Harlow, Katharine Hepburn, Carole Lombard, Bette Davis, Greta Garbo, Barbara Stanwyck, Vivien Leigh, Greer Garson, Hedy Lamarr, Rita Hayworth, Gene Tierney, Olivia de Havilland, Ingrid Bergman, Joan Crawford, Ginger Rogers, Loretta Young, Deborah Kerr, Judy Garland, Anne Baxter, Lauren Bacall, Susan Hayward, Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Lana Turner, Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Novak, Audrey Hepburn, Joanne Woodward, Shirley MacLaine, Natalie Wood, Angie Dickinson, Janet Leigh, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Ann-Margret, Julie Andrews, Raquel Welch, Tuesday Weld, Jane Fonda, Julie Christie, Faye Dunaway, Catherine Deneuve, Jacqueline Bisset, Candice Bergen, Isabella Rossellini, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sigourney Weaver, Kathleen Turner, Holly Hunter, Jodie Foster, Melanie Griffith, Sharon Stone, Meg Ryan, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman, Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore, Diane Lane, Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Thanks to Vi.


July 14, 2007

Rare Garbo signed photograph on sale!

This rare Garbo signed photograph, inscribed to photographer Ruth Harriet Louise, is going to be to sold at Ebay right now.  The price is up to $12,000 - $15,000.

More Garbo portraits by Ruth H. Louise  HERE!

Inscribed in bold black ink on the image, "I am not always yours Greta Garbo – To Louase – isn't right most terrible pose in the world I am mad!" The inscribee, "Louase", is none other than famed MGM photographer Ruth Harriet Louise, who took this photograph.

See the auction  HERE!


July 14 , 2007

A Garbo/Dietrich film festival in July

The famous Steichen montage

Dietrich & Garbo: Screen Goddesses

American fans could join this summer for Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo double features. The New Yorker movie theatre "Symphony Space" will be screening 8 of each diva's best films, giving us an extraordinary opportunity to experience the mystery and attraction of these luminous screen goddesses. the first double -feature was shown on July 8. The Tickets are $7

More Infos HERE!

Scarlet Empress & Queen Christina
6 pm Dietrich in Josef von Sternberg's Scarlet Empress
8 pm Garbo in Rouben Mamoulian's Queen Christina
Showtimes: Jul 7 & 8, 2007, 6 pm

A Foreign Affair & Ninotchka
6 pm Dietrich in Billy Wilder's A Foreign Affair
8:15 pm Garbo in Ernst Lubitsch's Ninotchka
Showtimes: Jul 14 & 15, 2007, 6 pm

Blonde Venus & Camille
6 pm Dietrich in Josef von Sternberg's Blonde Venus
7:45 pm Garbo in George Cukor's Camille
Showtimes: Jul 21 & 22 , 2007, 6 pm

Shanghai Express & Anna Karenina
6 pm Dietrich in Josef von Sternberg's Shanghai Express
7:30 pm Garbo in Clarence Brown's Anna Karenina
Showtimes: Jul 28 & 29, 2007, 6 pm

Morocco & A Woman of Affairs
6 pm Dietrich in Josef von Sternberg's Morocco
7:45 pm Garbo in Clarence Brown's A Woman of Affairs
Showtimes: Aug 4 & 5 , 2007, 6 pm

Dishonored & Mata Hari
6 pm Dietrich in Josef von Sternberg's Dishonored
7:45 pm Garbo in George Fitzmaurice's Mata Hari
Showtimes: Aug 11 & 12, 2007, 6 pm

The Blue Angel & Flesh and the Devil
6 pm Dietrich in Josef von Sternberg's The Blue Angel
8 pm Garbo in Clarence Brown's Flesh and the Devil
Showtimes:  Aug 18 & 19, 2007, 6 pm

The Devil is a Woman & Conquest
6 pm Dietrich in Josef von Sternberg's The Devil is a Woman
7:30 pm Garbo in Clarence Brown's Conquest
Showtimes:  Aug 25, Sep 1 & 2, 2007, 6 pm

More about Marlene & Greta HERE!

Thanks to Nakis

July 8, 2007

*New on YouTube!*

Garbo plays with a kid

More video's  HERE!


July 8, 2007

GarboForever Update

About 1000 Garbo magazine covers added

(Media)  Click  HERE!


July 5 , 2007

New film version about Balzac's La Duchesse de Langeais

On 13 July, a new movie version about Balzac's La Duchesse de Langeais, will be released to European cinemas.

The original French title is Ne touchez pas la and stars Guillaume Depardieu and Jeanne Balibar and was premiered at the Berlinale in February 2007.


La Duchess de Langelais - The Garbo Comeback that never was

The “Duchess” was of course the project which Garbo and producer Walter Wanger tried to turn, 1949, into a cinematographic translation. Wanger wanted to shot the film in Italy and James Mason was signed to play the lover and Garbo made three famous black & white screen-tests for the film.

Sadly, due of many problems, post-phoning's and finally loosing the all important financiers, the film was stopped. Wanger hoped to start a-new but in February 1950, Garbo lost interrest and returned to New York.

Fan Art Movie "Promo" Poster

After the failure of Duchess, Garbo got many new offerings for Comeback Films but the possibility of such a realization was never so close as it was in 1949 with La Duchess de Langelais.

You can read more  HERE!

Thanks to Gianni


July 1 , 2007

Scan of the month! Gallery Update!

Very large special Scan by Srepac!

Visit the Gallery  HERE!


June 24, 2007

All-round talent Ture Sjolander may will release a unique Garbo Video-File!

In early 1970, Swedish film producer, photographer and writer Ture Sjolander shot many great candids of Garbo. Most of them were published in his 1971 released book “Garbo” by Ture Sjölander & Oscar Hedlund.

Ture and his book

70 Unreleased Candids in colour

Ture said he still has over 70 unreleased colour pics of Garbo. He made those while Garbo was on vacation in Klosters.

He told us: "In 1970 I was doing big artwork on the Space flight program for Swedish Television called 'Space in the Brain', a 30 minutes Space Opera and all the best selling poster from space trips sold worldwide and this Tapestry I got an order of from Zurich in Switzerland. When I was there in that business I made a weekend holiday and went up to Kloster and by a slump find out that this place was Garbos fav. hiding place....."

The rest is history. Many of those photos were published in his 1971 book "Garbo". Only four from seventy unreleased photos were released so far and can be found at his website.

Visit Ture's websites  HERE!

Ture allowed us to use those wonderful big candids for GarboForever and share them with the other Garbo fans. Thanks Ture  ;-)

Garbo by Ture

The infamous 3 minute Super8 Film

Ture also told us that he also has this infamous  3 minute Super8 Film, which shows ..... Garbo walking in Klosters ! From all the unreleased or lost Garbo footage, this little film turned into a fan favourite "Must see" and many hoped that Ture will publish the little film one day.

Read more about Garbo's Lost & Unreleased material  HERE!

Thanks to Ture


June 24, 2007

Rock Band Plastic Parachute wrote a song about Garbo

The band Plastic Parachute has been likened to the vintage Hollywood stylings of Garbo meshed with the stage antics & unrelenting energy of The Stones.

Plastic Parachute

For the Garbo fans who didn't know, on their 2007 album Swell, which was re-released in February, they have a song called One Greta Garbo Love. You can hear the song at their MySpace website  HERE!

The Bands front lady - Deb

Plastic Parachute has shared the stage with such notable acts as Nelly Furtado, Debbie Harry, The Go-Go's, Vaeda, Rick Springfield, many many more. Visit their offical website  HERE!

Here are the lyrics to the Garbo song:

Second hand designer shoes
the finest French perfume a working girl can afford to use

A stunning dress under draped white light
High heels in Hollywood, but you're the star
I want tonight

Looking in this big brass mirror
35 millimeter
I want to see you clearer

I'm here to make it clear to you
I wish that you would want me too
Like a silent movie beauty queen
On the big screen

One Greta Garbo love

Vintage Lace & A velvet heart
Bevelled window panes
Silhouettes after dark

a stunning dress, under draped white light
High heels in Hollywood & your
The star I want tonight

Shrouded in mystery
Oh what you do to me
I need to see you

I'm here to make it clear to you
I wish that you would want me too
Like I silent movie beauty queen
on the big screen

One Greta Garbo Love

You can get the album "Swell" with the Garbo song at & at

Thanks to Kata & Deb.


June 21, 2007

When Garbo met John F. Kennedy

A new book about JFK's friendship with Kirk LeMoyne (“Lem”) Billings, written by Journalist David Pitts, was released some month ago. “Lem” Billings met Jack when they were teenagers at Choate School for Boys in 1933. The book does also include the funny story when Greta Garbo met John F. Kennedy on Nov. 13, 1963.

The book is called: "Jack and Lem: John F. Kennedy and Lem Billings: The Untold Story of an Extraordinary Friendship." You can get the book  HERE!

Book cover

Garbo & JFK


Author Pitts describes how Lem once returned from a visit to Europe, bubbling over with the news that he had become chummy with Garbo. The two had actually toured the Italian Riviera by car together.

Lem's bragging on his friendship with Garbo finally got under Jack's skin, and he decided to get even. He invited both Garbo and Lem to an intimate dinner at the White House with just him and Jackie. But he arranged for the actress to arrive first, so he could enlist her in a little plot he had hatched to take his pal down a peg or two.

So when Lem arrived, feeling rather full of himself, Garbo pretended that she had never met him before. Abashed, Lem spent practically the whole dinner desperately trying to remind the actress of the times the two had spent together, only to have each effort met by a frosty denial from Garbo.
Finally, the three conspirators – Jack, Jackie and Greta – could contain their amusement no longer and burst out laughing. Lem was let in on the joke and, although shaken, he pulled himself together and managed to enjoy the rest of the party.

The date was November 13, 1963. JFK was killed a week later in Dallas. The murder of John F. Kennedy just weeks later, on 22 November, upset Garbo terribly .

More about JFK's and Garbo's meeting  HERE!

Thanks to Kata

June 16, 2007

Screening of Mata Hari and Grand Hotel in New Yorks Riviera Theatre


New Yorks Riviera Theatre just announced their 2007 Summer Film Festivals feat. The Woman of Hollywood.

Every Thursday at 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm. All seat for  USA $ 3.
The address is:  67 Webster Street North Tonawanda, New York 14120 (USA).

Here is the schedule of the Garbos films they are showing on the big screen:

Mata  Hari
July 12 (2:00 pm & 7:00 pm)

Grand Hotel
August 30 (2:00 pm & 7:00 pm)

More Info  

Thanks to Nakis

June 16, 2007

Garbo still the Queen of Dimmer

On June 6, the Orpheum Theatre at  842 S. Broadway (Downtown L.A.) screened  Flesh and the Devil. It was a full success. Read a great review of the evening by columnist Howard Leff -  HERE!

Orpheum Theatre

Thanks to Nakis


June 13, 2007

Madonna v/s Greta Garbo

I uploaded a video of Garbo's sexy Mata Hari dance mixed with a cool Madonna song (made by the talented Ellectrika) to get attention that the orginal Uncensored Version of Mata Hari still excist!

Please sign the Petition to get the orginal Versions of Mata Hari & the uncensorered version Two-Faced Woman on DVD!   Please sign  HERE!

Garbo's Sexy Mata Hari dance mixed with Madonna's Like it or not - Video

The Mata Hari Uncensored on DVD petition!

Many scenes of the uncensorerd Mata Hari from 1931, were cut or edited, due of a re-release in 1938 (blame the Breen Office). Please help us sign the Petition. We need more signs! Feltenstein of Warner Home Video is aware of it but still no plans to restore this treasure and put it out on DVD. Please sign  HERE!

What has been cut or edited and why?

Various books wrote how the film was a victim of censorship when it was re-released in 1938/1939. Some scenes were cut out to satisfy the Hays Office. In spring 2005 the uncensored version of the film was shown in Brussels/Belgium at the Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique. Warner is aware of it and it is now up to them to restore the film and release it on DVD.

The Uncensored Version does contain the following scenes and takes:

The Mata Hari Dance Scene
The Mata Hari's dance scene at the beginning is much longer. The original dance scene goes on and on. Most revealing as Garbo continues in a frenetic dance to approach the statue of Shiva. She does is in such a suggestive way, that she seems to imply that she actually makes love with it. In the last shot she takes the top off and we see her from behind - totally nude.

The most revealing Negligee Scene
In this version we see the scene where Garbo goes into her bedroom. After closing a satin curtain and then changes into a most revealing negligee. Novarro left behind and hesitate and then we see that wonderful close up of Garbo with the orchids. Than she emerges to initiate a wonderful love scene.

The Madonna Light Scene
Another scene included, follows after the scene where Garbo tells Novarro to put off the candle on the Madonna icon and Novarro obeys. After the light goes out, there is a fade out in the cencored version. In this one, there is much more. We see a wonderful close up of Garbo, the two lovers embrace. Novarro micks her up in his arms and carries her to his room.

If you want to see Garbo in her most revealing Negligee, or when she takes her top off and you can see her from behind - totally nude, or if you wanna see what happens between Garbo and Novarro after the lights go out .....please sign.

More Info  HERE!


June 11, 2007

Edward Steichen's Garbo portrait sold for  3000 - 3500 £

Some days ago,the auction house sold the Steichen portrait of Garbo for 3000-3500 british pounds.

The Estimate was  1,000 - 1,500 british pounds.

More Garbo photos by Edward Steichen  HERE!

Thanks to Gianni


June 11, 2007

*GarboForever Update* June 11th!

Garbo's Portraits with Anthony Beauchamp

I finally completed the section i made for  Photographer Beauchamp and added the sixth and final colour picture of the famous session he made with Garbo in 1951. Click  HERE!

Photographer Beauchamp asked Garbo to do her first photosession in colour. The result were several stunning colour portraits, shot in California 1951. Garbo met Anthony Beauchamp through her friend Harry Crocker and that she met Beauchamp several times before she accepted to be photographed by him in 1951. Garbo agreed to be shot by Beauchamp because he wanted to work in colour and this would have been a new development in her art. Only six negatives were shot. One of these picture appeared on the cover of the famous magazine McCall's, in June 1951.

Thanks to Gianni and Borhes


June 11, 2007

Garbo's Queen Christina Movie Speech on  CD?

A speech from a Garbo film is part of the (offical?) CD Silent Movie Stars Speak - The lost recordings. This is a compilation of rare recordings of the actual voices of 21 of the greatest stars of the silent film era.

The tracklising is:

Track 1  
Ramon Novarro
Track 2
Blanche Sweet
Track 3
Harold Lloyd
Track 4
Mary Pickford
Track 5
Stan Laurel
Track 6  
Jackie Coogan (with his father)
Track 7  
Buster Keaton
Track 8
Charlie Chaplin
Track 9
Ethel Barrymore
Track 10
Lionel Barrymore
Track 11
John Barrymore
Track 12
Laurette Taylor
Track 13
Bronco Billy Anderson
Track 14
Sarah Bernhardt
Track 15
D. W. Griffith (with Walter Houston)
Track 16
Lillian Gish
Track 17
Douglas Fairbanks
Track 18
Gloria Swanson
Track 19
John Gilbert
Track 20
Greta Garbo
Track 21
William S. Hart

The compilation was put together by a company called RAVE, and professionally manufactured by a sound studio here Dallas, Texas. A group of men and women who are silent film fans donated their wax cylinders, 78 rpm records, wire recordings, and radio transcriptions in order to make it possible.There is also a Volume 2 in the works that will include the voices of Norma Talmadge, Theda Bara, Francis X. Bushman, Alla Nazimova, and many others.

Thanks to Dave Menefee.

June 9, 2007

*GarboForever Update* June 9th!

About 180 Garbo Lobby Cards added
(Media)  Click  

Over 200 Garbo Film Poster added
(Media)  Click  

Thanks to Nici

June 4, 2007

News about "Garbo - the Bio-Pic"

Some days ago i posted that Dr. Mia Sperber (a female doctor who wants to swap medicine for Hollywood) wrote the screenplay for a Garbo Bio - Pic and that Uma Thurman had expressed an interest in being cast as Greta Garbo in this (?) film. I wrote Sperber's Agent (Alex Sullivan of The Leo Media Entertainment Group) and he wanted to clarify straight away that the papers made a slight mistake and Dr Sperber is not directly involved in the Garbo project.

On the other hand, he told me, a feature film project is definitely in the works based on Greta Garbo's life, and it is written and to be directed by another client of his, the legendary Buddy Bregman. The Leo Media Entertainment Group is representing the project for him.

Buddy Bregman

Buddy has countless producer and director credits including An Evening With Ethel Merman on BBC, The Danny Thomas Special on CBS, International Cabaret series starring Juliet Prowse, Mel Torm, Shirley Bassey, Diahann Carroll, Nancy Wilson, on the BBC, An Evening With Jule Styne (ITV-London) (Styne was Buddy 's uncle - his mother's brother!) Newport Jazz Festival on NBC-TV, and The American Civil War Film starring Donald Sutherland on BBC-TV, for which Buddy received director of the year and show of the year awards.

Garbo - The Film

Allround talent Buddy Bregman will write, direct and produce the project. It's the behind-the-scenes, personal sexually driven story of this incredible lady as seen through her romances with John Gilbert, Marlene Dietrich (??), Cecil Beaton (homosexual), and a mysterious Latin female screenwriter.

This is going to be a look at one of the world's most emotionally complicated, individualistic and self contained personalities of all time. Her whole life was dedicated to her personal freedom and independence to the confusion of all. She explored her inner world through her unique love life.

More infos coming soon!


June 4, 2007

Greta Garbo's Star on the Walk of Fame in 2007!

To those who are interrested in it:

It is still not known when Garbo got her "star" at the Walk of fame but i found some NEW (Spring 2007) Pictures from her "Star".  It still looks like new :-)


More about Garbo's "Star"  HERE!

June 1, 2007

*Scan of the month ! Gallery Update!*

Very large special Scan by Srepac!

Visit the Gallery  HERE!

May 31, 2007

Uma Thurman as Greta Garbo?


A female doctor is swapping medicine for Hollywood after learning that her first screenplay (Love and Virtueis) poised to go into production with an A-list cast. Dr Mia Sperber, the author of seven medical books, said that she had always wanted to write.
Love and Virtue is the first of five screenplays by  Sperber which are attracting the attention of film industry names.

Sperber said that Uma Thurman had expressed an interest in being cast as Greta Garbo in a film about the reclusive star based on a screenplay written by Sperber. It was rumored that Uma already showed interrest in playing Garbo in the mid 90s. More about Mia Sperber  HERE!

We really hope that this will happen ;-)

Thanks to Kata

May 28, 2007

*GarboForever Update* May 28!

Garbo Personal owned or worn "Garbo's Duesenberg?"
(Trivia)  Click  
HERE!  (thanks to Kata)

Garbo Press Articles "Young miss article from 2005"
(Media)  Click  

Garbo's Gowns " Queen Silvia of Sweden next to Garbo's Queen Christina costume"
(Trivia)  Click  

Garbo Musicals and Stage Plays "GARBO...the Musical"
(Trivia)  Click  
HERE!  (thanks to Richard D. Kaye)

(Unrealized Projects 1950-1954)  Click  

Garbo Audios "The Greta Garbo Centenary 1905-2005"
(Media)  Click  
HERE!  (thanks to Ingvar)

Garbo Name inspired and used "Garbo the spy, the pop-singer, the Bar, etc"
(Media)  Click   

Garbo's Half-Sister?
(Trivia/Garbo'sFamily)  Click  
HERE!  (special thanks to Bea)

Garbo's Awards "Garbo's honorary Oscar"
(Trivia)  Click  

John and TJ

May 28, 2007

Garbo at Auction

Christie is going to sell this beautiful photograph of Garbo taken by Edward Steichen on June 6, 2007.

Estimate: 1,000 - 1,500 british pounds.

Garbo by Steichen

More Garbo photos by Edward Steichen  HERE!

Thanks to Gianni


May 28, 2007

Actress Mischa Barton transforms into Garbo

For the May Issue of the French ELLE magazine, Mischa Barton (American actress and fashion model) "transformed" herself into Greta for a special photoshoot. Barton was also dressed up as many other classic Hollywood stars like Rita Hayworth, Dietrich, Monroe and Louise Brooks. Click  HERE  for more.

Garbo and Mischa

More Garbo "Doubles"  HERE!

Thanks to Kata.


May 24, 2007

New Cover and release Date for the ICON Garbo book by Paul Duncan

The publisher changed the cover art for the book and the release date was also changed again (!!!). The book will now come out on September 1 and it will  be released in French, German and English language.

You can get it at Amazon:  France, Germany and England.

The Movie Icon series:
People talk about Hollywood glamour, about studios that had more stars than there are in heaven, about actors who weren't actors but were icons. Other people talk about these things, TASCHEN shows you. "Movie Icons" is a series of photo books that feature the most famous personalities in the history of cinema. These 192-page books are visual biographies of the stars. For each title, series editor Paul Duncan has painstaking selected approximately 150 high quality enigmatic and sumptuous portraits, colorful posters and lobby cards, rare film stills, and previously unpublished candid photos showing the stars as they really are. These images are accompanied by concise introductory essays by leading film writers; each book also includes a chronology, a filmography, and a bibliography, and is peppered with apposite quotes from the movies and from life.

Some photos from the book


See Garbo's Bibliography  HERE!


May 24, 2007

New Book about Salka Viertel

The book is:  “Ich bin nicht gone Hollywood!”  Salka Viertel - Ein Leben in Theater und Film.


It is written by Katharina Prager and was released in March 2007 for a Vienna Publisher. Salka was of course one of Greta's closest friends and she wrote several screenplays for our Divine woman. Salka also starred next to Greta in the German language version of Anna Christie. You can find some interresting Garbo references in the 275 pages book. The publisher claims that the book draws a new picture of Garbo - free of the usual "mystery fake", how Salka called it.

Garbo and Salka in Anna Christie (USA 1930)

The book is only available in German language.



May 24, 2007

New Date for the Frankfurth screening of Die Freudlose Gasse


I have just been informed that the screening of Die Freudlose Gasse (A joyless Street) at the German Filmmuseum in Frankfurth, has a new date. The film will now be shown on June 6. The film is part of a Asta Nielsen retrospective. The film starts at 20.00 PM ( European time). More Info  HERE!

Piano Accompaniment by Eunice Martins

The film will be accompaniment on piano by composer pianist Eunice Martins.

More about Martins  

May 22, 2007

George Cukor talked with Ingrid Bergman about Garbo's Retirement

A New book about Ingrid Bergman,  'Ingrid: A Personal Biography.' includes some Garbo references.

You can find the references  

The book is available at Amazon.

Thanks to Kata

May 21, 2007

The Grand Surprise: Marlene Dietrich about Garbo's underwear?

A collection of previously unseen journals of Leo Lerman - the late, flamboyant Vanity Fair magazine editor who was a lifelong pal of Dietrich - in his book, from Knopf, Lerman reveals an unappetizing secret about the hygiene of  sex icon, Greta Garbo:

"Marlene says Garbo has only two suits of underwear. They are made of men's shirting. She wears one for three days, then washes it, does not iron it. Then she wears the other," Lerman writes.

"Marlene says she doesn't mind the not ironing, but three days! Garbo uses only paper towels in her bathroom, has two pairs of men's trousers, two shirts, and little else in her wardrobe. She is very stingy."

The book

The Book,  The Grand Surprise: The Journals of Leo Lerman, was released in late April 2007 and is available at Amazon. There is much more (fictive?) gossip about artists like Marlene Dietrich, Maria Callas, Yul Brynner, Truman Capote, Onassis , Lillian Gish etc.

Thanks to Kata

May 21, 2007

Garbo Film Screencaps

We added many Screencaps from Garbo Films into the Filmography. More willl follow soon.

Check  HERE!

Thanks to Borhes

May 15, 2007

Ninotchka screening at the Filmmuseum  in Netherlands


Ninotchka will be shown, in a Ernst Lubitch retrospective, at the Filmmuseum in Vondelpark (Netherlands), on May 24. The movie starts at  17:00 PM ( European time).

More Infos  HERE!

May 15, 2007

*GarboForever Update* May 15!

Garbo Portraits by Beaton
(Gallery)  Click  

Garbo Press Articles "Garbo the Great dies"
(Media)  Click  

Bloody Greta Garbo! Peter Cook's famous sketch
(Media)  Click  

Garbo Films
(Gallery)  Click  

Garbo and James Mason in Pandora and the Flying Dutchman
(Unrealized Projects 1950-1954)  Click  

Garbo Audios "Gray Reisfield Interview"
(Media)  Click  

Garbo Art "Nici, Clovie, Jean-Charles, Ulf, Dave, Nirlay etc"
(Media)  Click  


May 11, 2007

NGreta Garbo: The Signature Collection gets a release date for the UK market

Sadly it is just a 6 disc-set and not the fantastic 10 disc-set which was issued in America 2005.
Out on July 2, 2007.

More Info:
- Ninotchka
- Queen Christina
- Camille
- Anna Christie
- Anna Karenina
- Mata Hari

Get it  HERE!


May 6, 2007

New Book: Garbo Abdykacja królowej!

book cover

This is the polnish version of the 1994 released Garbo book, GARBO by Barry Paris. It has finally been released in Poland now. It is published by TWÓJ STYL and translated by Mazan Maciejka.The book was released on April 28, 2007. It has 643 pages and many pictures.

You can get the book  HERE!


May 6, 2007

Scan of the month ! Gallery Update!

We are currently updating her "GarboForever Gallery". We already uploaded 3000 Garbo pictures. Last week, we had some trouble with the Picture Uploader. So we decided to upload all pictures to a better server. Sorry about that. Hopefully, everything will be under control soon again.

Very large special Scan by Srepac!

Visit the Gallery  HERE!


May 6, 2007

Garbo at Auction

An important sale of film and entertainment memorabilia will be hold at Christie's in New York, Rockefeller Plaza on May 30th 2007. I think you'd like to know that Garbo is among the celebrities included in this wonderful auction.

Garbo's Housecoat from Camille

Among the lots concerning Garbo, we can find a full-lenght housecoat of cream taffeta with Metro Goldwyn Meyer Inc. lebel inside inscribed Garbo 938. It was made for Garbo as Marguerite Gauthier in the 1936 production of Camille . Estimate 700 - 900 U.S. dollars. See more Garbo Gowns  HERE!

The housecoat

Garbo's 1942 Passport

Here is another item from the same auction. A typescript receipt for a passport  "Received Passport Ua6479 issued by Sweden to Greta Garbo..., signed in pencil Greta Garbo and dated 9/3/1942; Accompaigned by a black and white head and shoulders photograph of Garbo, circa 1942. Estimate 500 - 700 U.S. dollars.

The passport

See more Garbo Passports (or related)  HERE!

May 5 , 2007

*New on YouTube!*

New Garbo cartoon on our YouTube channel!

More video's  HERE!


May 2, 2007

Finally!  The ICON Garbo book by Paul Duncan

We waited so long ;-) Amazon has finally revealed the Cover art for the book. It was already announced to be realeased in late 2006.  The release date had been pushed back a couple of times.  Amazon writes that it will be released in December 2007. It will be released in French, German and English. You can get it at Amazon: France, Germany and England.

The Movie Icon series:

People talk about Hollywood glamour, about studios that had more stars than there are in heaven, about actors who weren't actors but were icons. Other people talk about these things, TASCHEN shows you. "Movie Icons" is a series of photo books that feature the most famous personalities in the history of cinema. These 192-page books are visual biographies of the stars. For each title, series editor Paul Duncan has painstaking selected approximately 150 high quality enigmatic and sumptuous portraits, colorful posters and lobby cards, rare film stills, and previously unpublished candid photos showing the stars as they really are. These images are accompanied by concise introductory essays by leading film writers; each book also includes a chronology, a filmography, and a bibliography, and is peppered with apposite quotes from the movies and from life.

May 2, 2007

GarboForever Update* May 2nd!

Garbo Press Articles
(Media)  Click  

New Garbo 1949 Screen-Test added!
(Media)  Click  

Garbo Private
(Gallery)  Click  

Garbo Film posters
(Media)  Click  

Garbo and Marlon Brando in The Eagle has two Heads
(Unrealized Projects 1945-1949)  Click  

Ava Gardner
(Garbo Stories Part 1)  Click  
HERE!  (thanks to Danica)

Garbo's name Inspired and used
(Trivia)  Click  
HERE!  (thanks to Jonathan and Annie)

Garbo Videos
(Media)  Click  
HERE!  (special thanks to Jonathan)

Garbo Doubles
(Trivia)  Click  

Garbo's Unreleased or Lost Material
(Trivia)  Click  

TJ and John
May 2, 2007

Mata Hari Screening at the MOMA in New York

On June (3rd and 18th) , the Museum of Modern Art in New York will screen Mata Hari.


More Details  HERE!

May 2, 2007

Flesh and the Devil screening at Broadway, Downtown L.A.

On June 6, the Orpheum Theatre at  842 S. Broadway (Downtown L.A.) will screen  Flesh and the Devil.

The acclaimed Robert Israel Orchestra accompanies the feature. The evening will be hosted by Maxwell DeMille.

More Details  HERE!


April 30, 2007

New screening of  Die Freudlose Gasse  in Germany

On June 6, the German Filmmuseum in Frankfurth/main is showing  Die Freudlose Gasse (The Joyless Street) in a retrospective on silent film actress Asta Nielsen. The film starts at 20.30 PM (European time).

More Info  HERE!


April 27, 2007

Garbo Tribute at the Metropolitan Museum

On June 8 & 9, there will be a special tribute to Garbo at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

They will screen three of her greatest films:

Queen Christina, Camille and Ninotschka.


Lecture by Robert Dance

   Robert Dance (left) and GG's grand-nephew, Scott Reisfield (right)

Robert Dance, art dealer and writer, will do the lecture for the Garbo tribute. Dance worked with Garbo's grand-nephew, Scott Reisfield, on the 2005 released Garbo Book - Garbo: Portraits From Her Private Collection.

The book

Film screenings:
Friday, June 8, at 7:00: Queen Christina
Saturday, June 9, at 2:00: Camille
Saturday, June 9, at 5:00: Ninotchka

Single tickets:
$25 (ticket price includes all film screenings)

More details  HERE!

Thanks to Nakis


April 25, 2007

New Book by Mark A. Vieira

Book cover

Mr Mark A. Vieira, the man who gave us the great Greta Garbo: A Cinematic Legacy, is curently working on a new book about the legendary MGM producer Irving Thalberg.

Irving Thalberg

MGM's top producer

Thalberg produced most of Garbo's MGM films. The working title for the book is Irving Thalberg's M-G-M and i think it will have many interresting Infos about the films he produced for Garbo. We guess it will come out in early 2008. The book will be released by Harry N. Abrams, Incorporated/New York.

Mark A. Vieira

The autor

I also would love to ad that Mr Vieira is really suppporting "us" (The Fans) to get the uncensored Version of Mata Hari (and Two-Faced Woman ) on DVD and i think he is the one who delivered the "News", that the uncensored Mata Hari excist, to TCM/Warner. He even signed the Petition and i have the feeling that he really cares for the Garbo fans.

The Thalberg produced uncensored Mata Hari

Various books wrote how the film was a victim of censorship when it was re-released in 1938/1939. Some scenes were cut out to satisfy the Hays Office. In spring 2005 the uncensored version of the film was shown in Brussels/Belgium at the Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique. Warner is aware of it and it is now up to them to restore the film and release it on DVD.

Movie still

You can find more details at Vieira's offical website: The Starlight Studio!


April 25, 2007

Previously unpublished Garbo photo

Mr Mark A. Vieira, the man behind Greta Garbo: A Cinematic Legacy, send us this beautyful Garbo picture and told me to feel free to post it. I'm sure this will make us all very happy ;-) The cute candid shows Garbo and Gaylord Hauser, ca. 1939/1940.

More  HERE!


April 25, 2007

Nici's colorized pictures - Update

Colorized by Nici

More  HERE!

April 23, 2007

GarboForever Update* April 23rd!

New Garbo 1949 Screen-Test added! (Media) Click  HERE!

Garbo on Set! (Gallery) Click  HERE!

Garbo Lovers and Friends (Trivia) Click  HERE! (Updated by Annie)

Garbo and Spencer Tracy in Madame Curie (Unrealized Projects 1935-1939) Click  HERE!

Romy Schneider (Garbo Stories) Click  HERE!

Garbo's name Inspired and used (Trivia) Click  HERE!  (special thanks to Jonathan)

Marlene Dietrich (Garbo Stories) Click  HERE! (special thanks to Jonathan)

Garbo related Films and Documentaries (Media) Click  HERE! (special thanks to Scott Lord)

The Greta Garbo Show (Unrealized Projects 1970-1979) Click  HERE!

Garbo's Unreleased or Lost Material (Trivia) Click  HERE! (special thanks to Patrick)

Garbo Private Pictures 1970s (Gallery) Click  HERE!

Garbos Half-Sister? (Trivia/Garbo'sFamily) Click  HERE! (special thanks to Ronald)

Derek Reisfield Interview (Trivia/Garbo'sFamily/Reisfield) Click  HERE!

John and TJ

April 20, 2007

Garbo's Day Bed at Auction

Beaton, ca. 1930s

An important sale of european forniture, works of art and carpets was held at Christie's, in New York Rockfeller Plaza the 20th April 2007. Among the items there was a "consulat ormolu-mounted mahogany day bed", circa 1800 (estimated 40,000 - 60,000 US dollars) - provenance: Greta Garbo, her New York residence.

Sorry but there was no picture from the bed and we don't know if it was sold or not.

More on GG and Beaton  HERE!

Thanks to Gianni

April , 2007

*New on YouTube!*

Mimi Pollak interview

More video's  HERE!


April 2007

Garbo's The Painted Veil, coming out on DVD?


According to Barrie Maxwell's column at The Digital Bits, Garbo's version of The Painted Veil, is to be included as a bonus on the forthcoming DVD of the recent Naomi Watts 2006 version of the famous novel.

This was long rumored and now it seems that it really will happen. Cross fingers! The DVD comes out (zone 1) on May 8th.

Poster art for the 'remake'

Click  HERE  for the Mawell column!

Special thanks to Erik B.


April 2007

Ciccione's Garbo video art- Update

More  HERE!


April 2007

Garbo's UNCENSORED Films on DVD Petition!

Please sign the Petition to get the orginal Versions of Mata Hari & Two-Faced Woman on DVD!


Please sign  HERE!


April 2007

New Screenings of Garbo's films at the Cinémathèque

In April (14th) the French Cinémathèque in Paris is showing Queen Christina in a retrospective on director R. Mamoulian.

In May there will be a big concert with full orchestra in Denmark with Flesh and the Devil.
Carl Davis will do the music.

In end of June or early July, Flesh and the Devil will also be shown at the International Film Festival in the city La Rochelle. The program is not yet established but they will have this tribute to the "erotic silents) and there will be a lot of silents, among others Flesh and the Devil and Stiller's Erotikon.

Thanks to Nakis


April 2007

Garbo's Letters to Mimi Pollak - re-release?

cover art

In 2005, the book Djävla älskade unge! by Tin Andersén Axell and Mimi Pollak was released in Sweden. The book, about Garbo's letters to her friend Mimi, is out of stock now. I heard that it will get a re-release this year and maybe will even be translated into english.

By the way, the swedish title means: "F*cking darling Kid!" or "Bloody Beloved Kid!" Axell's, book, is based on Garbo's letters to Pollak.

The title of Axell's book is based on the first words of a 1924 letter from Garbo to Pollak - whom she calls Mimosa - in which she writes: "The letter from you has aroused a storm of longing within me." Garbo, is said to have been invented by Pollak.

More info  HERE!


March 2007

Mata Hari uncensored on DVD!

The Original uncensored version of Mata Hari does still exists. A version was shown in Belgium 2005. The original version was edited in late 1938 by the Breen Office, for a re-release.

The 1938 version is the one we know from TCM and VIDEO or DVD. TCM may will re-store it and release it in a DVD Box in 2009.

Our friend Nakis, is part of this and made it happen ;-) I'm so happy that we can finally spread the news.

Read more and see pics from the deleted scenes: See  HERE!

Two-Faced Woman uncensored on DVD!

TCM also has the rights to the alternative version. Many scenes were cut in late 1941 and new scenes were added.

This version was released in January 1941 and is the one which we know from TCM and Video. A DVD of Two-Faced Woman is not officially in progress but its rather likely that we will finally see the original  film one day.

Read more and see pics from the deleted scenes: See  HERE!


March 2007

A Woman Of Affairs on DVD ?

A Woman of Affairs
VHS cover

It is rumored that it will come out on DVD this year. I'm not sure if this is true but it may will happen. The Painted Veil is still rumored to be released in Europe on DVD, similar to the European Maria Walweska release.

Thanks to Danny.


February 2007

Garbo's Last Walk

New play about Garbo by Kristof Bathory. Acclaimed american theatre stars will star in this reading.  This play will p remiere on March 5 ,2007, at the Arthur Seelen Theatre at the Drama Book Shop (250 West 40th Street), New York. Kathleen Chalfant, Taina Elg, and Laila Robins will star in this staged reading of Garbo's Next Walk. Written by K.Bathory and directed by Paul Mullins.

greta garbo
Kathleen Chalfant will play Garbo on Stage.

The play focuses on the last walk taken in New York City by n actress Greta Garbo, who left a thriving career in Hollywood in the 1940s to move to New York City, where she spent the rest of her life as a virtual recluse.

GG 'walking'

More info  HERE!


February 2007

New Garbo exhibition

Greta Garbo by Cecil Beaton - April,1946 – Hotel Plaza, New York

On May 13 a new Garbo exhibition will be held in Minneapolis (American Swedish Institute). They will screen three of Greta's films, memorabilia and photos.

More  HERE!


January 30, 2007

New book about Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid: Ingrid Bergman, A Personal Biography by Charlotte Chandler will be released Simon & Schuster on February 20, 2007. W heard that it contains plenty of ‘Garbo’.

Get the book  HERE!

January 2007

*New on YouTube!*

Garbo leaves Sweden

More video's  HERE!


January 2007

Garbo Cookies

- Greta Garbo Hermits -
This is recipe for some kind of cookies named Greta Garbo. I love this so much that I added this over here.

- the recipe is actually called "Hermits Galore" and the Garbo Hermits are one of the variations -

1/2 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup shortening
1 cup packed brown sugar
1/3 cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. cinnamon
3/4 tsp. each nutmeg and ground allspice
1/2 tsp. ground cardamom
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
2 cups chopped candied fruit
1 1/2 cups chopped toasted almonds
2 tsp. each grated orange and lemon rind

In large bowl, beat together butter, shortening, brown and granulated sugars until light and fluffy;
beat in eggs, one at a time. Beat in vanilla.

In separate bowl, stir together flour, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice,
cardamom, baking soda and salt; stir into butter mixture in two additions.
Stir in candied fruit, chopped almonds and zests.

Drop by tablespoonfuls, about 2-inches apart ontp parchment paper-lined or greased cookie sheets.
Bake in 350 (degrees Fahrenheit) oven for about 15 minutes or until golden. Let cool on pans for 5 minutes.
Transfer to racks; let cool completely.

(Store at room temperature for up to 5 days or freeze for up to 2 weeks)

Makes about 80 cookies

Thanks to Danica.


January 2007

Our dear Ciccione created this lovely Garbo Blog @MySpace. Its worth to check cos its done with love and respect.
The music, gifs and films are wonderful. See  HERE!

Thank you Ciccione.


January 2007

New DVD's ??

Some time ago I got some information's regarding NEW Greta Films on DVD. After my DVD petition I got in contact with a very nice Person from Warner.

Well, no new DVDs are officially confirmed b ut I can tell you that maybe some DVDs may pop out one day soon this year: The Painted Veil and Two-Faced Woman (un-restored European production).

Another rumor was that Susan Lennox would appear in a DVD BOX planned for Clark Gable Gable and his leading ladies).

Also rumored, is a European DVD production for A Joyless Street but I haven't found any infos to prove this right yet.

Lets cross fingers :-)

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