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Garbo - The Film

This Australian film from 1992 called "Garbo" has nothing to do with Greta and but it is still a bit related to Greta.

This is an Australian Comedy about Garbage collectors and a garbage truck named "Greta". Its a nifty little melodrama about those  garbage collectors, or "garbos" in Australian slang. The film was Directed by Ron Cobb.

Soundtrack CD of 'Garbo'

"Garbo" is what they call a garbage collector in Australia.


Garbo inspired Micky Mouse cartoon

Topolino in: Chio Minnotchka (Italy 1992)

This is a cartoon reference to Ninotchka. Mickey Mouse appears with a female mouse modelled after Greta Garbo's character in Ernst Lubitsch's 1939 movie Ninotchka.


The "Garbo hair designers" salon

There are several modern hairdressers named after "Garbo" in England.


The  "Garbo hair design" salon

There are several modern hairdressers named after "Garbo" in England.


The  "Garbo salon"

There are several modern hairdressers named after "Garbo" in England.

More info  HERE!


Greta Garbo gown by Raza Designs (late 1990s)

Raza Designs is a collection of elegant, comfortable Hostess gowns, robes, leisurewear and peignoir sets reflective of an era past. We design with the Petite, Missy and Plus Size customer in mind.

They also designed a gown called Greta Garbo. It was designed in the late 1990s and was quite good seller.

More info  HERE!


Fashion designer Giorgio Armani inspired by Garbo and Dietrich

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani once explained his creative success with his ideal to dress women in men`s coats. The inspiration of the designer is complex- on one hand, this is the daily round, the city- life and bistros, the sport and the new negligee style of living, on the other- the emblematic names of movie stars, who are highly rspected from Armani- Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.

Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani

Thanks to RubyRed


„Garbo“ inspired fashion line by Vivienne Westwood!

Garbo was the inspiration of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood new,  Fall 2008, fashion collection.   “It's glam rock meets Greta Garbo,” said MAC Cosmetics' Terry Barber backstage at the Vivienne Westwood Red Label show. Barber did did the make-up for the show.


Eyes and lips, which were set against a pale matt complexion, were the look's strongest features and were inspired by Garbo.

Thanks to Jennie


„Garbo“ inspired fashion line by Valentin Yudashkin

Garbo and Marlene were  the inspiration of fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin, Fall 2005, fashion collection.   This  collection was inspired by some of the greatest Hollywood style icons ever.

Valentin Yudashkin

The lovely exquisite furs and gowns were all inspired by Garbo and Rokk. Floor length dresses with flowery patterns reminded us of a time lost. His nice use of furs were more than mentionable especially a black and white mink which had zip off sleeves that were held together by white leather straps.

The designer states that he was not copying the 40s, but embodied it to understand the charm and grace of that period.

Thanks to RubyRed


Dresses inspired by Garbo

Many other fashion designer were inspired by Garbo in 2005! A handful of designers have celebrated the androgynous style in their autumn collections 2005.

The Garbo look: "Slouch like Garbo"

More info  HERE!

Thansk to RubyRed


Fashion designer Salvatore Ferragamo inspired by Garbo

Fashion designers look to celebrities for inspiration. Cristina Ortiz (Ferragamo's creative director) is fascinated with Garbo.

The Milan fashion collections offered a little bit of everything: superbright colors, furry embellishments and even ironic military touches but the spotlight is certainly on designer Salvatore Ferragamo.

This year marks the company's 80th anniversary, one the family is celebrating with a big blowout bash next month in Shanghai. And the fall runway featured the debut of creative director Cristina Ortiz, who sent out a new sexpot vision for the storied house. Think glamour and Greta Garbo, whom the designer cited as her muse pre-show.

Pictures from the fashion show

Ortiz started out with a series of all-white getups that mined everything from Garbo's mannish wide-trouser suit look to the dramatic fur collars she sported in her early films. Embellishments, meanwhile, came primarily through curious metal clasps in lieu of seams à la Versace pins.

She used them and chain mail trim on everything from sexy jersey shifts to belted short coats and evening numbers, almost to the point of distraction. Ortiz's attempt at upping the glamour quotient — in keeping with Mr. Ferragamo's close Hollywood ties, she said — was a bit overzealous, especially for evening.

The designer simply skewed too discotheque flashy, and her drapy, flesh-baring gowns seemed better suited to New York City's Club Row than to Garbo in Grand Hotel.  More info  HERE  and  HERE!

Thanks to RubyRed


Garbo's waxfigure

In the 1930s - 1950s, Garbo had a waxfigure at Madame Tussauds famous wax museum in London. Info is hard to find.



The Garbo room

The PUB (Paul U. Bergström's department store) were Garbo once worked, had a special "Garbo room " in the early 1990s.

In a big window the re-created her living room from her apartment at 450 E. 52 St., in Manhattan, complete with the actress' original sofa, table, carpets, bureau, even paintings.

Thanks to SnowWhite


The Garbo lesbian bar!

In Amsterdam (Holland) there is lesbian bar called Garbo for woman. Garbo has been set up to allow  lesbian - and bisexual women to meet other women. This is possible by dancing with each other or drink with each other a drink.


More Info  HERE!


"Garbo"  & "Joyless Street"  inspired fashion line by Wolfgang Joop!

For his new autumn/winter (2007/2008) fashion collection, the internationally successful German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop takes a journey to the Berlin era of the 1920s.

Joop said that his new collection is inspired by Garbo and director Pabst 1925 classic, The Joyless Street.

The look of tomorrow!


"Its the look of tomorrow", said Joop. The collection is inspired by Pabst classic silent film The Joyless Street with Greta and Asta Nielsen. "Thats how the 'City Girls' of yesterday looked", said Joop.

More Info  HERE!


Greta Garbo paper

This is part of Tinkering Ink's new line of paper called Noir Blanc! On paper is called Greta Garbo!! Paper is 12x12, Double Sided and Acid and Lignin Free!

A lot of great things are Black and White…salt and pepper, tuxedos, the daily newspaper and old movies. Those old films inspired “Noir Blanc” when stars were really stars and everything glamorous was in black and white. Each of these papers have the colors reversed on the back. The front side is shown.

You can buy it  HERE!


The Greta Garbo of the stock market

Leucadia National Corporation (traded on the New York Stock Exchange as LUK) is a holding company that, through its subsidiaries, engages in mining & drilling services, telecommunications, healthcare services, manufacturing, banking and lending, real estate, and winery businesses.

Leucadia, is known as the “Greta Garbo of the stock market”.

The company has no analysts who follow it, no earnings estimates, no whisper numbers, barely any press releases and it does minimal volume.


Greta Garbo star

Garbo has a real star in the skie. The star known as Greta Garbo is a sun one hundred times larger than the sun of our solar system and can be found just next to the polar star – only it's infinitely further away.

Unable to give her the Nobel prize, Garbo's friend Sven Broman wanted to be a bit grand and gave Garbo something out of the ordinary – one of the stars in the sky.

You could (and still can, I think) buy one from a Canadian firm that is part of an organization that exists to gather funds for an observatory.

Garbo was sitting in the hotel room in Klosters Broman. Broman explained that many of the stars in the sky lack names, but he had arranged for one of them to be known as Greta Garbo from now on.

“That'll have to be the Star of Bethlehem then”, Garbo joked.

“I'm afraid that one's already taken, but I've got the certificate here,” Broman said.

Sven then produced the special star chart that he had had sent to her with all the related documents, etc.

Garbo folded together all the paraphernalia and then said quietly: “Thank you. I promise to continue shining over everything good as well as bad, in the future as well.”

Thanks to Nakis


Garbo male fashion shop

Somewhere in Brazil there is a shop called "Garbo". The male fashion shop was build in the 1930s.


Visit their website:  HERE!

Thanks to Fabbie


Garbo computer system/program

I'm not sure what exactly it was but one computer system or program was named Greta Garbo in the mid or late 1990s.

Thanks to Nakis


Garbo Boutique

In Svendborg (Denmark), a Fashion Shop is named "Garbo". They also have Garbos picture in their window.

Thanks to Vi


Garbo - Designer Fashion

"Garbo* designer Mode" is a German fashion label and a fashion shop in Freiburg/Germany. They do not use Garbo's image or anything like that and i'm not sure if it is related to Greta Garbo.

Visit their website:  HERE!


Garbo - Magazine

Back in the 1960s and up to the mid 1980s, there was spanish magazine called "Garbo".  We are not sure if it was to related to Greta.


Thanks to Annie


Garbo - The Film

This Australian film from 1992 called "Garbo" has nothing to do with Greta and but it is still a bit related to Greta.

This is an Australian Comedy about Garbage collectors and a garbage truck named "Greta". Its a nifty little melodrama about those  garbage collectors, or "garbos" in Australian slang. The film was Directed by Ron Cobb.

"Garbo" is what they call a garbage collector in Australia.


Garbo Hairdresser

In England there is a hairdresser called "Garbo's" or "Garbo's hair and Beauty". It is indeed inspired by Greta and established for over 17 years in Tunbridge/England.


Visit their Homepage HERE!

Another  Hairdresser in Leyburn/England is also called GARBO'S. You can find the saloon at: 7 Greta Road, Barnard Castle, DL12 8LJ.  I'm not sure if THIS one is also related to Greta Garbo.

Thanks to Annie


Garbo the Perfumery

In Milan/Italy there is a perfumery (a shop) called "Garbo".

It is not known if it is related to our Greta because in italian the name Garbo means grace, kindness or good manners.

Thanks to Gianni


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