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The Greta-Garbo-Street

In Berlin/Pankow (Germany) there is a "Greta-Garbo-street". The street (Greta-Garbo-Strasse) was re-named on March 15th, 1999. The street is next to the Arnold-Zweig-Strasse (from the Trelleborgstrasse to Neumannstrasse).

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Garbo at "The Sims" - The "mini" bar

The Sims is a strategic life-simulation computer game. Someone builded there a  Garbo "Mini-Bar".


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Garbo bar

There is a resturant/bar called Garbo - Ristorantino Piana Bar in Bologna Italy. Home of the oldest university in the world, Bologna is the capital city of Emilia-Romagna (the Region where I was born and I live) in northern Italy; it is renowned for its culinary tradition: tortellini, tagliatelle al ragù, lasagne, mortadella...

An advertising of Bologna appears in As you desire me.


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Garbo Pub

There in the typical district of Trastevere in Rome there is a small gay cocktail bar called Garbo, but I'm not sure if it was to related to Greta.  Recently I have been two days in Rome, so I have had a look around...  The local is in a crumbling alley and it is for members only.


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Grand Garbo Restaurang & Nattklubb

There is a resturant in Sweden called Grand Garbo.

Located at Landsvägen 67, 17265 Sundbyberg - Sweden

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Restaurant GARBO

There is a resturant in France called Garbo.

Located at 15, rue Berthe Molly  68000 COLMAR - France

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Garbo's/Garbo's Dinner Theatre

There is a resturant in Gran Canaria, Spain called Garbo's/Garbo's Dinner.


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Garbo Bar

There is  a bar called Garbo in Germany located at Raeberstoeckli-CH.

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Garbo Piano & Jazz Bar

In Mexico there is a gay piano & jazz bar called Garbo. Its not related to Greta at all.

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Other "Garbo" restaurants or cafes

There are/were restaurants bearing her name in Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Westbury, Long Island, and many other cities – none of them paying/paid royalties.

Source: Barry Paris - Garbo


Cafe Garbo

In Tokyo (Japan) there is or was once a Cafe called Cafe Garbo.

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Source: Barry Paris - Garbo


The Garbo Villa

 In Cannes (France) there is a hotel called La Villa Garbo. Its not related to the actress.


Purchased in 2003 by Christine and Guy Welter, the former Gabres hotel has been entirely renovated: only the magnificent façade dating back to 1884 and listed as a historic monument has been conserved.

An exclusive concept of luxury hotel residence, the Villa Garbo and its 12 apartments, all very spacious, will welcome guests expecting independence and intimacy as well as the best standards of hospitality service.

Besides, the Villa Garbo will benefit from the savoir-faire and well-known hospitality of the Cavendish hotel owners.

Each apartment of the Villa Garbo has been decorated by famous interior architect Christophe Tollemer. Always inspired by the Mediterranean influences, the modern walls and stylish colors enhance the classic Mis en Demeure furniture and the Pierre Frey textiles.

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The Garbo Nightclub

American nutritionist and one of Garbo's friends, Gayelord Hauser had a splendid Villa in Letojanni (near Taormina, on the Sicilian Ionian Coast) where often Garbo spent her vacation.

Today, the Villa is a nightclub known as Villa Garbo Night.


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Garbo Pensionat

This is a Russian pensionat called "Bed&Breakfast Garbo". It is indeed inspired by Garbo.


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Gösta Berling's Saga room

The Hotel “Rival Ab” in Sweden is owned by ABBA's Benny Andersson and is placed  in central Stockholm. It has a room 'themed' around Gösta Berling's Saga.

De luxe room in green, with movie scenery out of Gösta Berling's saga with Garbo.

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The white Greta Garbo room

A white room in Ibiza 's Hotel El Palacio, is called Greta Garbo.

In the Hotel, Palacio, you will find a pink Marilyn Monroe suite, the white Greta Garbo room and other suites and rooms for James Dean or Walt Disney.

The rooms and suites are decorated with Hollywood memorabilia's.


Garbo "Home"

The Kirkkand Hotel is a decaying 1800's Victorian grand hotel and former house of ill repute that became a designated flophouse, The Kirkland Hotel. The hotel is affectionately known as: "The Greta Garbo Home for Wayward Girls and Boys"

It is known worldwide in Peter, Paul and Mary's song My Name is Jack.

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Cafe Garbo

Another "Garbo Cafe", this time from Muenster (Germany). It is indeed called "Cafe Garbo" and related to Greta.

They have Garbo portraits and paintings on their walls and it is located next to a Cinema/Movie Theatre. On their menu cards they have a salad plate called "Greta" with olives, tuna, ewe's cheese and/or eggs.


The Garbo Cafe and Bistro is located in the Warendorfer Straße 45-47 in Muenster (Germany).

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Hotel Garbo

In Florence/Italy, there is a hotel called, La Casa del Garbo. It is not known if it is related to Greta Garbo.

Casa del Garbo stands in the heart of Florence, part of the historical architectural backdrop of Piazza della Signoria, directly facing the Palazzo Vecchio.


The property is part of the Uguccioni Palace. Since the 16th century it used to host a nunnery: the Monache degli Angeli, who added to the building the 17th century Annunciation tabernacle ascribed to Matteo Rosselli.

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Garbo - The Swedish Restaurant

This is a restaurant called GARBO'S.  Located at 42 Crawford Street, London in England.

Garbo's is very cosy inviting Swedish restaurant close to Baker Street. It had  a “bistro like” atmosphere, but the quality and attention to detail of a quality  restaurant. It was cosy, cheerful and intimate. The floors were polished wood,  the walls were painted white and decorated with a large amount of memorabilia  including; pictures of the Swedish royal family, copious prints of Great Garbo  and a very large moose's head (the eyes of which seemed to follow me around  the room).


The tables were laid with linen cloths and napkins, with a touch of the IKEA in  the condiment display. There was a fresh carnation on every table. This restaurant has been there for a few years and has a good reputation.

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Garbo Restaurant

In 1991, a Restaurant called Greta's Krog & Bistro, opened at Blekingegatan 32 in Södermalm/Sweden. Blekingegatan was of course the street were Greta and her family lived when Greta was a child.

The Restaurant had Garbo posters and pictures - everywhere. But it wasn't a success and it was closed one year later. Now there is a very good Italian Restaurant but sadly with NO Garbo conection.


Garbo Cafe

There also was a "Garbo-Cafe" in Stockholm. It was closed in the mid 1990s. Infos are hard to find.


Hotel Garbo

The hotel "Garbo" is in Verbier/Switzerland. It has nothing to do with our Garbo.


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Garbo - Room

At the Castle of Haringe, today it is a hotel in Vasterhaninge (in the Stockholm area), they dedicated a special room to Garbo, called "The Garbo-Room".  They also have rooms dedicated to Josephine Baker and Zarah Leander.


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Garbo - Bar

Ibiza (Spain), back in the 1980s they had a "Garbo" bar. No infos are known. We are not sure if it was to related to Greta.

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