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Fan questions and answers by Mark A. Vieira

Mark A. Vieira exclusively for

In 2006 we made contact with writer Vieira (Greta Garbo: A Cinematic Legacy, 2005). In fact he contacted us first. He not even allowed us to quote from his book but he also supported Garbo’s fans from the start.

We informed Mark in 2007 that the uncensored version of Mata Hari is in Belgium at the Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique. He wrote to George Feltenstein (Senior Vice President of Warner Home Video) and even supported our DVD petition back then.

Mark always kindly answered our questions and there is a chance he may will do more in the future.

Greta Garbo: A Cinematic Legacy – by Mark A. Vieira (2005)

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Mark again for the interest he shows in our Homepage, in answering our questions and most of all his constant support, advice and help. He truly cares for the people who love all the classic Stars and Films.

Questions and Answers: August, 2014

GF: Did Garbo ever do a color test on film?

He said that this is not very likely! If Technicolor tests were made at Universal for the cancelled Walter Wanger production (‘Lover and Friend’ aka ‘The Duchess de Langelais’), they would have been found with the other Walter Wanger tests (Howe, Daniels, Valentine).

There was no color there.

He explained that if such a thing existed, it would have turned up in some form. Frame enlargements from the Wanger tests started showing up more than thirty years ago. They were no secret.

No color film tests were made.


GF: Marlene Dietrich – Did they really meet?

He told us that he believes that they met at that Lubitsch Party in 1930 or 1931. It is in his book. But he could not find record if it was 1930 or 1931.

He also believes that they met in 1934 and again 1939. At least three or four times. It was in the news and in many other places. Greta did not want to be friends, though.

You can find more info about those meetings in his book.

More information from Mark
Furthermore he helped, edited and answered questions to the following sections on our Homepage:

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