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The passionate Ross card collector will notice very soon that a lot of Ross cards can be found which are  n o t  specified in our list.

Don't get confused!

There are some more regular cards, luxury cards or even art sheets without numbers, different numbers, different sizes or even with the same numbers Ross used, regardless if the name Ross is mentioned on those cards or not.

The explanation is quite simple: Ross was a German company but was also dealing with foreign publishers. If they wanted to publish Ross motifs they could do so. Ross allocated special licenses. As long as the other companies were willing to pay for the print permission, Ross had nothing to object.

That's why a lot of “Ross” cards have also been produced in other European countries, preferably in Belgium, France, Italy and England. It was up to them which numeration they printed on their cards.

Regarding the special miniature cards it has to be said that a lot of them were reproduced for or by other companies as well. When I write my article about tobacco cards, I will give some comments on those particularities. But don't mix it up! The original Ross miniature collecting cards are always blank on the reverse side. If those mini cards were published for commercial reasons, the name of the trademark was always stated.

All real Ross products which have been produced in Berlin are the real and authentic ones. You will find them on our list and you can see the images as well. There you will get a complete and correct listing of all Garbo cards Ross in Berlin was ever distributing.

If you should find or posess any other cards which should look like a Ross card, you can be insured that those cards have been produced somewhere else.

I don't want to forget to mention 7 Ross postcards which are entitled as Programm von Heute (program of today), a real Ross production for a famous film program series. Those Garbo cards were sticking to the programs such as QUEEN CHRISTINA or CAMILLE. The card quality was lousy, a very thin paper and a bad print result. That's why we didn't list those cards in our documentation. It was a separate Ross production branch.

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