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Greta Garbo and Ross. What a symbiosis! No other international star was honoured by so many cards published by one renowned company in the twenties and thirtees of the last century.

Ross Verlag produced 373 cards and art sheets on Greta Garbo, an immense quantity of unique memorabilia (the additional colorized cards are not counted here). Adding the 216 miniature collecting cards, we even get a grand total of

589 Garbo Ross cards

(To be exact, the actual total on Garbo is 587 because of that single misprint I mentioned and the fact that Garbo isn't portrayed on scenecard 160/4).

I have collected 582 pieces, just 7 art sheets are missing. I still believe to find them one day. So if you should have Garbo art sheets to sell and want to feel my gratitude and happiness in case you can offer something I am missing, please, do write an email, I will name the sheets I am looking for. Thank you.

Trust me, it is so much fun to collect Ross products, they belong to the best kind of memorabilia you can find on Garbo. I‘ve been doing that for nearly 20 years.

To be honest, it's not a cheap passion. I spent a fortune on those cards but I didn't regret a single moment. Nowadays Ross cards can be offered by official dealers between 10 and 30 Euros on the average. Luxury cards are a little bit more expensive and art sheets can even cost more than 60 Euros per piece. The little collecting cards can be found for a couple of Euros each. Anyway, what a rise in value! Be careful and don't accept impossible dealer prices. Try to get your cards cheaper. EBAY is a very suitable forum. Or consider alternative sources (fleemarkets, fairs etc.). If you are a collector already, I keep my fingers crossed for your remaining cards you are looking for. And if I should have aroused your curiosity regarding Ross, I would be glad to welcome you as a new collector.

Greta Garbo and Ross, what a heavenly combination! Greta knew Ross Verlag and saw some of her personal cards. I guess she was quite satisfied.

Thank you, Mr. Ross that you and your publishing company were so kind to Greta, honouring her in such a lovely and wide spectrum of spectacular memorabilia. Your work and efforts will maintain Garbo's remembrance for the posterity….

Werner D.

Munich, July 2007

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