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Layout of the Flat


Garbo changed the flat considerably before she moved in. She had enlarged the living room area towards the balcony. Adding in a third door to lead outside. She also changed the windows in the living room, facing south.

The changes made the room more balanced and the wood panelling and the bookshelves covered discretly all the changes she made. Also covered were at least 3 small windows, facing North.

Furnishing and Decoration

Greta's invested $38,000 in 1953 for furnishing and decoration. But her concept of comfortable elegance would take time. Over the next few years, she was supported by many creative people, like  Cecil Beaton, Gayelord Hauser and interior decorator Billy Baldwin.

A large L-shaped living room was filled with sunlight from two long walls of windows facing south and east. All the colors were rosy and warm; there were beautiful curtains of eighteenth-century silk, a Louis XV Savonnerie carpet, the finest quality Régence furniture  and wonderful Impressionist paintings.

Garbo's Apartment in New York - Introduction
Location of the Flat
Layout of the Flat
Inside the Flat
Neighberhood of 450 East 52nd Street
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