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English Press Articles



  Small Garbo Reports, from: The New York Times, u.a. 1920s - 1980s

  Greta Garbo Breaks Her Silence,  from: Screen Sectrets, May 1928

  The Girl who Played Greta Garbo,  from: PHOTOPLAY, August 1929

  GRETA GARBO Psycho-Analyzed,  from: Screenland, November 1929

  The HEART of GRETA GARBO,  from: The New Movie Magazine, 1930 No. 01

  GARBO'S GLAMOUR – Is It Real?,  from: MOVIE CLASSIC, November 1931

  Is Garbo Going Home?,  from: Movie Mirror, Dezember 1931

  Photographing Garbo,  from: Movie Mirror, July 1932

  What's REALLY happened to GARBO!,  from: Modern Screen, November 1932

  WHY GARBO HAS NEVER MARRIED,  from: Screenbook

  The First True Story of GARBO'S CHILDHOOD!,  from: Screenbook

  Did Garbo Marry Stiller?,  from: PHOTOPLAY, January 1933

  Movie Mirror,  Dezember 1933

  The TRUE LOVE LIFE of GRETA GARBO,  from: True Story, October 1933 - January 1934
      Part I,  Part II,  Part III , Part IV

  GARBO'S SECRET VACATION,  from: Modern Screen, October 1934

  Did Hollywood Give Garbo A Chance?,  from: MOVIE MIRROR

  The ‘Painted Veil',  from: MOVIES, February 1935

  The Swedish home of Greta Garbo,  from: Movie Mirror

  GARBO and her LOVES,  from: True Confessions, February 1935

  A WOMAN Alone,  from: Picture Play, October 1937

  "I give you Garbo",  from: King Features Syndicate, Inc., 1937

  GARBO FINDS LOVE,  from: Modern Screen, June 1938

  GRETA GARBO – Sphinx Without a Secret,  from: Coronet, July 1949

  What about GRETA GARBO?,  from: Family Circle, July 1950

  Behind That Mask,  from: Coronet, July 1951

  The Beautiful Myth – Garbo,  from: Reader's Digest, July 1952

  GARBO, by Kenneth Tynan,  from: SIGHT AND SOUND, April June 1954

  The Great Garbo,  from: LIFE, January 1955
      Part I,  Part II,  Part III

  Garbo Returns,  from: TV Radio Mirror, November 1960

  GARBO – STILL WANTS TO BE ALONE – 25 YEARS LATER,  from: ???, September/October 1966

  THE MYSTERY OF GRETA GARBO,  from: Movie Life Magazine, April 1968

  Garbo is 65,  from: LOOK, September 08, 1970

  Garbo: She Keeps Her Legend Alive,  by Keitha McLean, JULY 28, 1974


  24 Hours with Greta Garbo,  from: Hollywood Studio Magazine, 1978, No 5

  The mysterious Legend of the elusive Garbo,  from: Hollywood Studio Magazine, 1978, No 5

  The one time I Saw Garbo,  from: Hollywood Studio Magazine, 1978, No 5

  The Studio's GARBO IMAGES,  from: Hollywood Studio Magazine, 1978, No 5

  GARBO,  from: THE MOVIE, April / June 1979

  Garbo's past catches up with her at 75 to reveal why she has never married,  from: The Star, 1980, Sept. 16

  Greta Garbo,  from: VOGUE, December 1981

  GARBO AT 80,  from: Films and Filming, September 1985

  GARBO TO WED–AT 80,  by Leon Wagener, 1985

  The Man Who Stalks Garbo,  from: ???, ca 1987

  GARBO TALKS,  from: LIFE, Spring 1989

  Garbo the Great dies,  from: New York Post, 1990, April 16

  Legend Garbo is dead, 84,  from: Daily News, 1990 April 16

  Film idol Greta Garbo dies in New York at 84,  from: The Toronto Star, 1990 April 16

  The Great Garbo,  from: Movie Collectors World, 1990 April 16

  Garbo's Collection and a Van Gogh Are to Be Sold,  from: New York Times, July 19, 1990

  GRETA GARBO,  from: American Film, August 1990

  The Mysterious Lady,  from: Film Comment, July/August 1990

  Greta Garbo – The Legendary Star's Secret Garden in New York,  from: Architectural Digest, April 1992

  Interview with Karen Swenson: Talking about A life Apart,  from: Writers Write, 1997

  The Garbo Next Door,  from Vanity Fair, April 2000

  Sam Green Interview from Daily Record,  from Daily Record, April 20, 2000

  Garbo's Letters Divulge Little About Her Sexuality,  from Internet Article, 2000

  Loving Greta Garbo,  from Internet Article, 2000

  Greta Garbo as Joan of Arc,  from Internet Article, ???

  I wasn't to blame for heiress murder, says art expert depicted on screen in 'incest threesome',
     from Daily Mail , ???

  Captivated by Garbo,  from CineAction, March 22, 2002

  Garbo Sings,  from Naked Equire, January 2005

   Gray Horan on Greta Garbo,  from: Architectural Digest, 2005

   Camille: Revisiting Garbo's Greatest Performance,  from:, 2005

   Two-Faced Woman – Garbo's Last Movie,  from:, 2005

  Greta Garbos Secret Love-Life,  from: Womans Day



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