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Unrealized Projects

* Rumored-Suggested-Wanted-Considered-Passed-Rejected *

During Garbo's career and especially after her last film in 1941, Greta got many offerings for possible Comebacks on Stage, TV or for the Big screen. This is a list full of those unrealized projects, Garbo was rumored and suggested to do, or projects she wanted and considered to do, or were she passed and rejected a project which was offered to her and so on....

Most of this list of possible UNREALIZED PROJECTS are unconfirmed. Please take it as it is and have fun with it. When its rainy and cold outside I love to imagine Greta in those projects and I'm in “Garbo Heaven”. I took most of those infos from Garbo Books, other Books, and magazines with Greta articles from the 1920s–1990s and even Internet. If you have additional infos or corrections, please let us know.

Unrealized Projects          1920-1924
Unrealized Projects          1925-1929 
Unrealized Projects          1930-1934 
Unrealized Projects          1935-1939 
Unrealized Projects          1940-1944 
Unrealized Projects          1945-1949 
Unrealized Projects          1950-1954 
Unrealized Projects          1955-1959 
Unrealized Projects          1960-1969 
Unrealized Projects          1970-1979 
Unrealized Projects          1980-1989 
Unrealized Projects          Others      


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